Wooden Paddle for My W Fishing Kayak, By Kevin Eastman

I finally finished that paddle I’ve been building forever, and have paddled it a bit. It’s working out quite well for the W kayak. I laminated the shaft out of one layer of poplar in the center for stiffness, and a layer of cedar on each side. The blade is a lamination of two different … Continue reading “Wooden Paddle for My W Fishing Kayak, By Kevin Eastman”

Poling The W Kayak In The Tidal Flooded Grass, Fly Fishing For Redfish, By Kevin Eastman

As promised, here is the October flooded grass fishing report.
I ventured into some new areas this week and found some new hot spots that I’ve never seen anyone fishing in. Most likely because they can’t get to them.
This is probably the last flood tide of the season that the weather and water will still be warm. In November the water will cool off and the flooded grasses don’t have a lot of crabs left in them so the fishing slows a lot. Once again it’s great to pole the Wavewalk kayak around the shallow water while standing high on that platform. It’s a unique experience pushing your way through miles of areas that I usually have no access to other than during flood tides. Catching the fish is a bonus.

Kevin Eastman’s DIY Greenland – Aleutian W500 Kayak Paddle, Florida

Some DIY projects are special – Kevin Eastman is a fly kayak fisherman from Florida, who made a DIY Greenland – Aleutian style kayak paddle for his new W500 fishing kayak. Contrarily to what most kayakers seem to believe, aboriginal kayak paddle were not necessarily short as standard modern paddles are, and some could be … Continue reading “Kevin Eastman’s DIY Greenland – Aleutian W500 Kayak Paddle, Florida”

Kevin’s Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak Poling Through Flooded Grass – Florida

Standing is a great advantage since you have a much better vantage point to look for fish. I’ve always stood in my SOT kayak for this type of fishing but had to pay quite a bit of attention to balance while doing so. With this boat, I can concentrate more on looking for fish rather than balance. I pole the boat around using a long aluminum pool pole with a small paddle attached …
The extra height provides a great distance to look for fish. I was rewarded with sighting a number of reds and did manage to trick one with a fly.