Shallow Water Fishing

The complete and effective solution for shallow water anglers   Shallow water is challenging if you own a motorboat, since although the boat itself may draft just a few inches, the outboard’s propeller must operate several inches below the lowest point in the boat’s hull, and practically speaking, you need to drive in water that’s … Continue reading “Shallow Water Fishing”

Jeanne Paddling Standing In Her W500 Kayak, And Scouting For Fish – Wisconsin

After a check on the weather, we decided to take the W’s out for a ride on the Oconomowoc River. When we decide to go at the last minute , it only takes us five minutes to load up the W’s in the truck and head out. The weather was perfect and the water was the clearest I have seen this year. I am amazed at what an improved view I have standing in the Wavewalk kayak. I can see so more fish and aquatic life from this height. My Wavewalk does not seem to bother the fish even when I glide near them. When John can’t find the fish, I tell him they’re over here by me. John even caught a few fish on the surface with his J11 floating Rapala. It’s fun to watch these fish attack on the surface!