Measuring Your Catch – How Big Is This Fish?

When you’re fishing from a W kayak there’s an instant way to know how long a caught fish is: You place it on the saddle top (a.k.a. mini-deck), and count the lines – Each rectangle is 6″, so this flounder that stretches over three of them would measure just a little above 18″. Obviously, this … Continue reading “Measuring Your Catch – How Big Is This Fish?”

Kayak Fishing From the Mounted (Riding) Position

While the advantages of fishing standing are pretty obvious to most fishermen, many who haven’t tried the Wavewalk Riding (mounted) position may wonder what’s so special about it, and why it is considered so advantageous when compared to the traditional L kayaking position or to fishing seated in a canoe. The answer is that it … Continue reading “Kayak Fishing From the Mounted (Riding) Position”