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Top Contributors to Wavewalk® Fishing and Boating

Over the years, many people have contributed to advancing and perfecting Wavewalk kayaks, Wavewalk fishing, and Wavewalk boating through countless reviews, ideas, experiments, innovations, fishing trip reports, articles, and videos. This section of our website highlights the top contributors, who have made exceptional and continuous contributions. We are extremely thankful to them, as well as to all other contributors, who have made possible this exciting and wonderful thing.

Capn’ Larry Jarboe

Capn’ Larry Jarboe is a professional fisherman and a book author who lives in Key Largo, Florida. In his fishing operations, he uses a large-size center console motorboat, a white Wavewalk 500 kayak, and a Safari colored Wavewalk 700 boat that he uses as a tender for the mother ship, as well as for fishing shallow waters, where he catches fish in commercial quantities. Larry also uses his Wavewalk boats for crabbing, and likes to fish at night. He often fishes with a bow and arrow. After being a Wavewalk fan for some time, Larry decided to become a Wavewalk dealer in his area.  Since Larry discovered motorized boating with the W700, he has contributed numerous articles and videos about motorizing Wavewalk kayaks and boats. He drives a Wavewalk S4 with a 9.8 HP outboard motor.
Larry also offers guided fishing and diving trips in the Key Largo and the areas that surround it »

Thanks Larry! 😀

More fishing adventures with Capn’ Larry »

Rox Davis

angler with her dog on board fishing kayak, CT Rox is a phenomenal angler from northern Connecticut, who goes mainly after largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and stripers. She also suffers from fibromyalgia and sciatica, and her physical condition prevented her from using fishing kayaks for her favorite outdoors activity, until she discovered the W kayak, back in 2005. Rox was among the first to outfit a W300 kayak with an electric motor, as well as among the first to outfit her W500 with an outboard gas engine. Throughout the years, Rox has contributed countless fishing trip reports written in her unique, funny and captivating style, hundreds of photos of some of the finest looking bass out there, and numerous amazing videos. Rox is also the one who introduced the Tite-Lok clamp mount rod holders to all of us. Recently, Rox upgraded to a W700, and she’s now a Demo Agent for it in northern Connecticut.
-Thanks Rox! 😀

Read more about Rox Davis and her bass fishing adventures »

Chris Henderson

Fisherman_showing_a_pink_salmon_caught_in_Puget_SoundChris is an offshore and freshwater fisherman and a duck hunter from Gig Harbor, Washington. As soon as Chris found out about the Wavewalk® kayak, it didn’t take him a long time to decide he wanted to be a Wavewalk dealer in his area.
Chris rigged his sand colored W kayak for his three outdoors activities, including a unique blind for bow hunting that he designed and built by himself.
Chris keeps contributing fishing reports including pictures of various types of salmon – his favorite game fish. He has also contributed fascinating reports of his bow duck hunting trips, as well as hunting with a gun. Chris is currently the number one advocate of duck hunting at Wavewalk, and the one who suggested the Mud Brown color as one of the three standard colors in the Series 4.

-Thanks Chris! 😀

More kayak rigging, fishing and bow duck hunting with Chris »

Gary Rankel

Gary landing trout in his fishing kayakGary is a marine biologist from Wisconsin who had worked in developing fisheries throughout most of his career. Now that he’s retired in Florida, Gary devotes much his time to his passion, fishing. Through the years, Gary has contributed countless fishing trips reports and photos of various local fish he caught, including redfish, seatrout, snook, etc., and beautiful photos of Floridian wildlife, as well as useful observations about fishing, paddling, and rigging. Due to back issues, Gary fishes only out of Wavewalk kayaks, and he has also helped others get into kayak fishing. Gary recently published a book on kayak fishing in Citrus county, Florida.
-Thanks Gary! 😀

Read more about Gary’s kayak fishing trips »

Read Gary’s review of his Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak »

Pyt Rotary

Ontario kayak angler showing his catch - big fish! Staning next to his electric fishing kayakPyt lives and fishes in Ontario, Canada. He got his first Wavewalk 500 in 2010. Then he got a second one for a relative. Pyt fishes big lakes, small lakes, rivers and sometimes in the ocean. Sometimes he takes his children with him, but he fishes alone most of the time. He prefered to use his Wavewalk as an electric kayak, and he has often shared his knowledge on our website.

These days, Pyt drives a Wavewalk S4 outfitted with an outboard gas engine.

Thanks Pyt! 😀

More fishing and kayak rigging with Pyt »

Jesse Stephenson

Jesse and his wife Candy live in southern Florida, on the Atlantic coast. They use their motorized S4 for touring, lobster fishing, and spearfishing trips.
Jesse is local demo agent, and he has contributed many rigging ideas, trips reports and photos to our website.

-Thank you Jesse and Candy! 😀

More Wavewalk S4 adventures with Jesse  and Candy »

Mike Moody


Mike is a Wavewalk kayak angler who lives in North Dakota and fishes in his home state as well as in Minnesota. He goes mainly after largemouth bass, and sometimes pike.
Although Mike got his W500 not long ago, he’s already contributed great fishing trip reports and reviews, as well as movies.

-Thank you Mike! 😀

More from Mike »

Joe Stauder

big-bass-river-trip-sept-2014-120Joe is a true ‘River Rat’ who fishes mainly for bass, walleye and perch on the Susquehanna river and in lakes close to his home in eastern Pennsylvania. He prefers to fish standing, and he likes to take his family members with him on paddling and fishing trips. Joe became Wavewalk’s local dealer in his area, and he’s done a great job in promoting the idea of sensible kayak fishing, including fishing standing in confidence and comfort. In recent years, Joe added motorized kayak fishing to the list of things he likes to do with his Wavewalk.

-Thanks Joe! 😀

Read more about Joe’s fishing trips and rigging tips »

Jill Toler


Jill is a W700 fly angler from North Carolina, with a talent for fishing a large variety of species ranging from bass and strioper to crappie and pumpkniseed… and for writing funny and vivid trip reports.
Jill’s other talent is outfitting her Wavewalk 700 with simple and ingenious solutions. Jill fishes with her fishing buddy nickenamed.. “Fishing Buddy”, and she’s a member of the local fly fishing club.

Thanks Jill! 😀

More fly fishing and rigging with Jill »

John Fabina

John standing and fishing in his camo kayak6’2″, 250lbs John Fabina is retired firefighter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He’s also an accomplished outdoorsman, who likes to go on kayaking trips with his wife Jeanne and their friends, fishes in rivers and lakes in Wisconsin and Michigan, and hunts for deer and ducks. Because of back problems, John can neither fish nor hunt from any other kayak but a W. John’s first W kayak was a W300. Over the years, John has perfected his camouflage art, and created some amazing camo designs for his W kayaks. He has contributed countless kayaking, hunting, rigging and fishing trip reports to our website, as well as wonderful photos and videos. John’s favorite fish species are muskie, bass, crappie and walleye, and he’ll occasionally fry some bluegills on a campfire…
-Thanks John! 😀

Read more kayaking and fishing trip reports from John »

Kent Johnsen

fishing-kayak-dealer-north-Sweden-120 Kent lives in northern Sweden, and he’s always been an avid kayaker and fisherman. The Indalsälven river near where he lives is famous for trout and other fish species, and so are other rivers and lakes in that area. Kent bought a used Wavewalk 500 in 2015, and his experience with that boat made him want to become Wavewalk’s dealer in Sweden. He runs his dealership together with his son Christer.

Thanks Kent! 😀

More paddling and fishing in Sweden with Kent »

Clint Miller

Clint-Miller-kayak-bass-fisherman-NYClint is an avid bass fisherman from upstate New York who had to switch from fishing in a regular kayak to a Wavewalk TM kayak because of back problems.
He likes to go bass fishing with his dad, Don, who’s also an avid W kayak bass fisherman, and he loves to go kayak fishing in tandem with his wife Nioca in their W500.
All three Millers are amazing bass anglers.

-Thanks Clint! 😀

More kayak bass fishing with Clint and Nioca »

Kevin Eastman

stand up kayak fly fisherman showing big red fishKevin is an avid fly fisherman, and he likes boats, of which he owns various kinds. Kevin’s favorite fishing style is sight fishing for redfish in shallow water, and for this purpose, he’s outfitted his W500′s saddle with a standing platform that offers him an elevated vantage point, while still providing adequate stability. Standing there, Kevin poles silently through the flats and flooded grass, or paddles using a paddle he designed and crafted himself. In fact, Kevin is a fish hunter. Over the years, Kevin has contributed numerous accounts about his DIY projects and stand up fly fishing adventures, and inspired many W fly anglers. Kevin is a member of the Jacksonville Florida Kayak Fishing Club.
-Thanks Kevin! :D

Read more about Kevin’s DIY rigging projects and fly fishing adventures »

Jesse Martinez

texas-tarheel-yakker-showing-redfish-120Jesse, a.k.a. Texas Tarheel Yakker likes to fish in creeks, marshes and estuaries. His favorite fish species is redfish. After spending several years in Texas, he came back with his family to his native North Carolina, where he keeps fishing. But Jesse is also a kayak fishing movie producer who has developed his distinctive style, mixing humor and music.
-Thanks Jesse!  😀

More kayak rigging and fishing with Jesse »

Paul Malm

bow-fisherman-with-big-carp-120Paul is a professional fishing guide and tackle manufacturer from northwestern Iowa, who’s known as as the Musky Guy. He set an unofficial state record for bluegill (sunfish) that he caught out of his W500 kayak, from which he caught countless bass, musky and other species, including a 37 inch 40 lbs carp seen in the image to the left. Paul bow-fished this giant while standing in his Wavewalk.  Paul is a big Wavewalk fan, and he enjoys sharing his adventures and insight.
Thanks Paul! 😀

More fishing with Paul Malm, the Musky Guy »

Paul Harrison

Paul-sitting-on-his-bass-boat-swivel-seat-in-his-W-fishing-kayak-120Paul loves the water, paddling, fishing, and also powerboats. He lives on a bayou off the Mississippi Sound, so he gets to paddles his W500 often. He has paddled and fished in marsh, bays, swamps, creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds, ditches, and the open MS Sound.
Paul’s favorite paddling position is standing, and he frequently paddles standing up in 2-3 ft waves/rollers just for fun.
Paul is also an innovator when it comes to outfitting his fishing kayak.
-Thanks Paul! 😀

Read more about Paul’s W kayak fishing, paddling and outfitting experience »

Ray Schwertner

Ray-Texan kayak fisherman fishing in Mountain Fork river, SE OklahomaRay loves to fish in Oklahoma and eastern Texas, where he lives. His fishing trips can take up to an entire day, which is why comfort is so important for him.
Ray also loves to outfit his kayak, and over the years he’s come up with some original and sophisticated DIY designs that are marked by the quest for comfort.
-Thanks Ray! 😀

More DIY outfitting projects and fishing reports from Ray »

Bill Davenport

Bill is an offshore fly fisherman from Plymouth, Massachusetts.
“My kayak is where I like to be” summarizes Bill’s experience with his W500. Being in his sixties and 6’3″ tall made it practically impossible for him to fly fish from other kayaks, and his artificial knee didn’t make things easier for him…

Since he got his W500, Bill has been able to fly fish offshore for striper and other fish species he likes while standing comfortably in his artistically camouflaged and specially rigged W kayak.
-Thanks Bill! 😀

More kayak fly fishing with Bill »

Gary Thorberg

Gary fly fishing in his stand up kayakGary is a lifelong boater and fisherman from Minnesota, whose passion is fishing for muskie and pike, but sometimes he likes to fly fish for carp.  Gary came up with many innovations, including extra long flotation modules, and carrying the W500 on board a mother ship, that is a big motorboat. He put his experience and skills to work, and as part of the group that developed the gas engine motorized W kayak, he designed a couple motor mounts, and using a 3hp outboard, he broke the first world speed record for a W kayak under motor, which was 9.6 mph (It’s 13 mph now).
-Thanks Gary! 😀

Read more about Gary’s rigging innovations, motorizing tests, and fishing trips »

Jeff McGovern

Jeff standing in his fishing kayak.gifAt 6’3″ and 245lbs, and with his sensitive back, Jeff couldn’t fish out of any kayak, prompting him to get his first W kayak (a W300), years ago. Since then, Jeff’s observations, insight, professional articles and videos have helped in establishing the W as the ne plus ultra kayak for fishing, and the choice of those who realize what this sport is about in real life, as opposed to the marketing hype that Jeff enjoys deriding. Jeff’s rigging innovations, as well as his practical ideas for using the W more effectively, have made a difference for many W anglers worldwide. Jeff is a fishing guru, and a consultant to fishing tackle manufacturers, as well as a member of the Jacksonville Florida Kayak Fishing Club, and a distributor of Emmrod fishing rods. Jeff’s favorite Florida fish species are redfish, seatrout and flounder. When Jeff fishes in Canada, he goes mainly after muskie.
-Thanks Jeff! 😀

Read more about Jeff’s kayak fishing trips and observations »

Harry Selsor

Harry-in-his-bird-photography-kayak-120Harry is a retired naval officer, oceanographer and meteorologist, and a talented wildlife photographer from Northeastern Florida, who has contributed many wonderful photos and kayak trip reports to this blog.

-Thanks Harry! 😀

More from Harry’s wildlife photography and fishing kayak »

Sungjin Kim

Sungjin showing a nice fish he caught on board his motorized fishing kayakSungjin loves fishing, and had always looked to find the perfect fishing boat. Once he found the W kayak, he knew that was it. After that, he became a driving force in developing Wavewalk kayak fishing through his numerous innovative rigging projects, fishing trip reports, pictures and videos. Sungjin was the first to successfully mount a 2hp outboard gas motor on a W500, and by doing so, he effectively started an international collaborative project that yielded the full-fledged motorized W kayak (a.k.a. Personal Portable Cartop Microskiff) – an exciting small boat which is becoming increasingly popular among existing W anglers, and new ones. Sungjin was also the first to show how such a motorized kayak could easily tow a second kayak for long distance fishing trips, and how two anglers could effectively fish in tandem, offshore, from a W500, and even prepare a meal on board!
-Thanks Sungjin! 😀

Read more about Sungjin’s innovations and fishing trips – inshore and offshore »

Michael Chesloff

Before he found out about the Wavewalk® kayak, Michael had owned eight fishing craft including a bass boat, a skiff, a jon boat, an inflatable dinghy, and a conventional fishing kayak. Each one had its own disadvantages. So naturally, Michael was somehow skeptical about the Wavewalk 500, and took one for a test ride before he decided to purchase it. Since then, Michael, a lifelong bass fisherman from Eastern New York, has become a fan of the W500, and outfitted his with an outboard motor. Michael contributed to this blog his reviews, articles, rigging innovations, fishing trip reports, and videos.
-Thanks Michael! 😀

Read Michael’s articles and fishing trip reports »

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  1. Is this wave walk’s pro team, or some sort of hall-of-fame?
    How do you get accepted to this group?

  2. Wavewalk has many fans, but we don’t have a ‘Pro Team’, since we don’t believe in giving people incentives to fish under our brand name…
    The people who feature on this page have simply contributed more than others, over time.
    If you want to see a more complete list of contributors, you can visit this website’s kayak reviews section >

  3. Cool! How come all WW top contributors are anglers, and there’s not even one who’s just a paddler?

  4. Thank you Yoav, its and honor to belong to the wonderful wave walk family.

    Let’s keep moving forward, and figure out how to put a jet motor on the W500, talk about getting into skinny waters. LOL 🙂

    Remember, the sky is the limit.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.
    Rox 🙂

  5. Rox, I feel honored to be the publisher of your adventures 😀

    BTW, the jet motor thing is pretty much a done thing, at least conceptually… Do you remember the video of the ‘air jet’ motor we mounted on the W500 a couple years ago? It was just a weak leaf blower, but it moved the yak – sort of, and even steering wasn’t hard.
    All that’s left to do now is wait for a new generation less noisy 4-cycle leaf blowers to hit the market, and use a bigger, more powerful model to propel the W.
    Ah, and that little leaf blower with a 32 cc chamber cost just 200 bucks – new…


  6. Wow, Here I am.
    I feel a little shame. I didn’t anything but enjoy Wkayak.
    Thanks Yoav!

  7. Sungjin,
    Anyone using a W kayak with an outboard motor (including myself) should thank you, since you pioneered this project. The moment I watched your first video showing your motorized W500, I said to myself -“This is it! It should require some more work, but Sungjin got it right.”

  8. It’s an honor to be here. Not often do you find a product so satisfying or a person repsonsible for that product who is not only business savvy, but a genuinely nice person.
    Thanks Yoav

  9. Hello Yoav, I got my Wavewalk in June of 2014 from Steve Anderson. I was 75 at the time and thought I would have to stop kayaking. The Wavewalk solved that problem. Now, two years later I am still going regularly. I have my boat fixed exactly as I want it and spend as much as 5 hours at a time in the swamps of eastern NC with no problem at all. Will be spending 10 days on Lake Lure in the mountains of NC in August and will take my WaveWalk with me. People want to look at it everywhere I go and I get a lot of questions. My Doctor says getting it is one the best things I could have done! Not only an object of great pleasure but a great health benefit also.

  10. Thanks Charlie,

    It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.
    Visitors can read stories that you’ve contributed HERE


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