Motorized kayaks

A motorized kayak is a kayak outfitted with a motor. Typically, motorized kayaks are used for fishing, as a motor offers the angler a longer range of travel for their fishing trips.
The most common type of motor used in fishing kayaks is an electric trolling motor powered by a battery that’s carried on board.
W kayaks are stable enough to be outfitted with electric motors as well as powerful outboard gas engines. The latter are often more dependable and useful than electric motors, especially for longer trips and for traveling in moving water, e.g. offshore and in adverse weather conditions.
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Small, Outboard Gas Motors Suitable For Fishing Kayaks

Electric trolling motors work well for trolling on flat water, but when it comes to going in choppy water and in the ocean, another type of propulsion comes to mind, and that is small, lightweight, portable outboard gas engines.
This is because electric trolling motors have a low effective power output relatively to the combined weight of their engine and battery, or batteries. They offer a reduced effective activity time, and that could be a problem in long trips, or in adverse weather.

Another advantage that gas (fuel) motors have is the fact that refueling them is easy, so their range is not as unlimited as the range of electric motors is.

An overpowered boat, or kayak, is unsafe, and keeping safety in mind, most outboard boat motors are too big and powerful for kayaks – even for the stablest kayak, which is the W500.
However, smaller outboard gas motors would work well with the W500.

We do not recommend using big and powerful engines, simply because going too fast in such a small boat (or any boat, or vehicle) can be dangerous, as both directional stability (tracking) and lateral stability are reduced at high speed that can be reached with such motors. Also, the more powerful the engine, the heavier it is, which could lead to steering problems.


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Small, Outboard Gas Motors Suitable For Fishing Kayaks

Clamp Mounted Side Mount For Fishing Kayak Electric Trolling Motor


DIY Clamp Mounted Mount For Electric Trolling Motor

Here is a schematic description of an easy to make Do It Yourself (DIY) clamp mount for an electric trolling motor for your W500 fishing kayak:clamp mounted mount for electric trolling motor for a fishing kayak

Motor Mount Safety Device:

You can mount the vertical part of the motor mount on a hinge (see figure below), so that in case the motor hits an underwater obstacle, it would bounce up, thus reducing or altogether avoiding possible damage to it –mount for fishing kayak electric motor

Here is an example of an electric trolling motor mounted on such a mount:

electric trolling motor setup for fishing kayak

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More options: Transom motor mount for electric and gas outboard motors

Wavewalk offers three standard transom motor mounts for its W500 kayak series – The TMM 20 for long shaft motors (20″), the TMM 15 for short shaft (15″) motors, and the TMM 20-15 that fits both sizes. These transom mounts are easy to install, and since they’re attached in the center of the kayak they can support heavier and more powerful engines. Steering is done conveniently from the middle of the cockpit, by using a long tiller extension outfitted with a U joint (articulated tiller extension). Keep reading »

Brian Vickery’s Completed Motor & Sailing W500 Kayak, California

This is a truly amazing project:
Brian Vickery, whose name is already familiar to this blog’s visitors, completed his multiple system project for his W500. He designed and hand crafted a folding steering system, an electric trolling motor system, a folding outrigger system, and an full-featured sailing rig.

Says Brian:
I have sailed the critter but the winds we finicky and weak. It tracked well.
When all the way down, the outriggers make this boat as stable as a concrete floor; you cannot make it tip at all. The same outriggers must be up and just skimming the water for it to sail well. Also keep them up when motoring.
I would have liked more time this year to sail, but winter is almost here, and it gets too cold for sailing, as the old body gets wet and cold when doing that.
In fact, due to my recent shoulder replacement and another back operation coming up in January… I may have to park it for a long time, or sell it. It has so much to offer…Brian

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Wavewalk, Inc. Background and Timeline

Wavewalk, Inc. was founded in 2001, in Massachusetts, by Yoav Rosen.
The company develops and manufactures small watercraft and related accessories.

In 2004, the company began selling its products factory direct, mainly in the US and Canada, and since then our products have been serving paddlers, anglers, hunters, divers, scientists and engineering companies worldwide.

In 2005, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Wavewalk utility patent number 6871608 for our invention enabling the creation of a new class of small, personal watercraft, or super kayaks called Wavewalk® kayaks, also dubbed W kayaks and boats.

In 2018, we moved our office to Rhode Island, The Ocean State.

About Wavewalk® kayaks

Wavewalk introduced improvements in paddling, fishing and motorizing by offering  the world’s most stable product in the category of personal, small-size boats. Our patented kayaks are stabler than the biggest and widest fishing kayaks, as well as canoes and kayaks equipped for outriggers (external stabilizers).
Wavewalk® kayaks have completely eliminated back pain, leg numbness and other physical discomfort commonly experienced by people who paddle sit-in and sit-on-top (SOT) kayaks, and fish from them.
When compared to canoes and other kayaks, Wavewalk® kayaks offer enhanced speed, control and tracking capabilities, as well as unrivaled mobility.
Wavewalk® kayaks offer by far more storage space than any other kayak, as well as better protection from the elements.
Some of our customers motorize their Wavewalk® kayaks, thus effectively turning them into personal, car-top motorboats that are comfortable and stable, and offer sufficient storage for touring, as well as for long camping and fishing trips, in fresh water as well as in the ocean.

Products – OVERVIEW

  • Our first kayak series was the 300 (2004-2010). It included the original version (2004-2007), and the redesigned version (2007-2008). 2004 was also the year in which we introduced our paddles, which we haven’t changed at all since then.
  • We introduced the 500 series in 2009, and it became a classic almost overnight. Anglers who use a W500 consider it to be the world’s best fishing kayak, mostly because it is back pain free, and much stabler than all other fishing kayaks, regardless of their size.
  • In the fall of 2014, following the success in motorizing Wavewalk® 500 kayaks, we introduced a version of the 500 series named the 570 model for offshore fishing.
  • In August of 2015, we introduced the 700 series that offers a level of stability that only full size boats (e.g. Jon boats) can offer, and allows for two anglers to fish out of it as well as motorize as they would in a boat. For these reasons we describe this new series as a two-person fishing boat that’s lightweight enough for one person to easily car-top. Needless to say that the 700 is unsurpassed as a paddle craft.
  • In the fall of 2015, we introduced a joystick steering system for motorized 700 boats that makes driving safer, easier and more fun, both seated and standing.
  • May 2017 – Our new Series 4 (S4) of portable boats / ultralight skiffs / paddle craft is breaking stability, payload, and speed records.


  • In February 2014, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) registered the stylized letter W as our trademark, based on our use of it in commerce since 2009.
  • In December of 2015, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) registered the word Wavewalk as our trademark, based on our use of it in commerce since 2007.
  • In 2016, the USPTO extended the registration of the Wavewalk trademark to a range of additional products and accessories.

Our company is dedicated to creating the world’s best kayaks for paddling and fishing, and the world’s best portable boats. We support our clients in a broad range of applications and regions. As far as one can judge from our customers’ testimonials, we’ve been successful in that.

About our website

In order to provide our customers with as much information as they need about our Wavewalk® kayaks, we created a website that features dozens of technical articles, dozens of demo movies, hundreds of full-featured kayak reviews contributed by customers, hundreds of trip reports, and more. Currently, our website features 1,800 pages, and it keeps growing…

We’re always happy to provide answers to your questions by phone, text, and email, or through your comments on this blog.

Special thanks to a large group of people who’ve contributed stories, pictures, videos, rigging ideas, fishing tips, and a lot of talent, experience and good will. The list of these people is long, and this website’s Contributors page honors those of them who’ve contributed the most.



Call or text us: 774 315-6009

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Our address
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United States

Contact: Yoav Rosen



Address for factory pickups only:

Wavewalk c/o Rotational Molding Technologies
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Phone: (574) 831-6450
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Brian Vickery’s W500 Fishing Kayak Electric Trolling Motor Setup, CA

Brian, from California, has an extraordinary talent for coming up with original outfitting ideas, and turning them into real life solutions.

Being a photographer, Brian needs to be able to troll at a steady pace, as well as stand up in full confidence.

Cockpit of fishing kayak rigged for photography

Note the two small-size batteries that fit perfectly at the bottom of the hulls.
The motor’s steering bar features a useful articulated extension, especially if you’re standing up.

Camera case in fishing kayak rigged for photography

Brian’s camera case

Battery box in motorized fishing kayak rigged for photography

Battery box at the bottom of Brian’s fishing kayak’s hull

Electric motor mount socket in motorized fishing kayak rigged for photography

Motor mount socket for the electric motor. The motor is located at the stern.

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