motorized kayaks

A motorized kayak is a kayak powered by a motor.
Wavewalk kayaks are seaworthy, and stable enough to be outfitted with powerful outboard motors up to 10 HP.

Power W500 Kayak With 2HP Outboard Gas Engine

Following Sungjin Kim and Gary Thorberg, here is our beta version of a Power W500 kayak:

The 2HP 4-cycle Honda outboard gas engine is perfect for the job: It’s powerful, lightweight (28 lbs empty), user friendly (quiet), environmentally friendly (low emissions), and easy to use (throttle grip). Most importantly, one of the 2 models Honda offers features a 20″ long propeller shaft, which is an absolute requirement for the W500. Shorter shafts (e.g. 15″) won’t do.
The Power W500 went at high speed even when another passenger weighing 115 lbs came on board.
Driving it feels pretty much like driving an aquatic motorcycle – it’s fun, and exciting.
Getting used to steering with the tiller handle behind your back takes some time, but eventually it isn’t hard, and the sitting-riding position feels comfortable.

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Fishing Kayak With Outboard Gas Motor, By Gary Thorberg, Minnesota

Gary mounted a 2 hp Yamaha outboard gas engine on his W500 fishing kayak, and this is how he did it:

Motorized fishing kayak with 2 hp outboard gas engine

Gary made this great looking motor mount from an aluminum profile and oak wood.

fishing kayak outboard gas motor locked in an upward position, in a paddling mode

Gary’s outboard motor locked up, in a position enabling him to paddle his kayak.

back view of fishing kayak with outboard motor: Room to turn the propeller 360

Plenty of room to turn the propeller around, in 360 degrees

kayak mount for outboard gas engine

Close up: Transom mount for kayak outboard gas motor

transom mount for outboard gas motor for fishing kayak

Transom mount for outboard gas engine for Gary’s fishing kayak

clamp detail from transom mount for attaching outboard gas engine to fishing kayak

This special clamp configuration assures good grip of the mount.

See movie in Gary’s comment below —

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Motor Mount For Kayak Electric Trolling Motor, By Gary Thorberg, Minnesota

Here is how Gary mounted an electric trolling motor on his W500 fishing kayak:

1. Clamp-on motor mount – Quick and easy. Gary chose to make this motor mount from Oak wood. The vertical part, to which the motor is attached, is hinged, in order to prevent accidents in case the motor bumps into an underwater obstacle.

clamp mounted motor mount for kayak electric trolling motor


2. Electric trolling motor mounted on the W500 kayak. The motor is mounted on one side of the kayak, and the battery is placed at the bottom of the opposite hull. This balances the kayak without reducing its stability.

balancing weight of battery and trolling motor in kayak

3. Detail: Motor mount clamp: All metal components are inexpensive, off-the-shelf products found in any hardware store.

clamps fro attaching trolling motor mount to kayak

4. Electric trolling motor setup – General view:  With this propeller shaft length, Gary can troll both seated and standing up. Since the W500 kayak is totally symmetrical frond and end, Gary can troll with the motor either in the front, or in the back.

fishing kayak electric trolling motor setup

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Motorized Fishing Kayak With Powerful Outboard Gas Engine – Korea

Sungjin Kim, from South Korea, takes kayak fishing and touring to a new level. He’s the first to have outfitted a Wavewalk 500 kayak with a full fledged, 2 HP outboard motor:

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W500 Kayak With Transportation Wheel – Ofer Levy, Sydney, Australia

Ofer Levy lives in Sydney, Australia, and he recently got his W500 kayak:

-I am very happy, as the W500 is exactly what I needed.
It is perfect for my needs. Very stable and easy to maneuver.
Since I am using W 500 for photography, and I carry around 20 grand worth of equipment, I need it to be very stable and safe. I am using it in lakes and in calm sea, and in very shallow water at times. Looks great and I love it!
I am hoping to take my wife and 4 years old son on the kayak on weekends.
I am planning to mount a serious electric motor on it.
Sometimes I need to transport the W500 over long distances as I have to access remote locations for bird photography. Attached are photos of the transport system I have made. It’s a modification of John Putnam’s kayak wheel setup.  Very simple, easy to make and works like a dream!


Kayak rigged with wheel for easy transportationKayak wheel attachmentWheel for kayakKayak transportation wheel

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