Motorized kayaks

A motorized kayak is a kayak outfitted with a motor. Typically, motorized kayaks are used for fishing, as a motor offers the angler a longer range of travel for their fishing trips.
The most common type of motor used in fishing kayaks is an electric trolling motor powered by a battery that’s carried on board.
W kayaks are stable enough to be outfitted with electric motors as well as powerful outboard gas engines. The latter are often more dependable and useful than electric motors, especially for longer trips and for traveling in moving water, e.g. offshore and in adverse weather conditions.
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New England Kayak Fishing Trip Report: Chunker Bass and Rats, Minus a Pig Lost, By Rox Davis

Well the weather has been great here in Connecticut, and I took advantage of it.

Sunday, November 27th and Monday November 28th.

I took the W500 with the 1.2hp outboard and headed to lake Congamond in Massachusetts. The motor comes in very handy for getting to my spots quickly.

Got to the waters edge at 10:30am and I was off the water at 2:30pm. Water was a little dirty, 45 to 46.8 degrees.

Fishing kayak outfitted with outboard motorTossed rattle trap, rapala fat rap, silver buddy, and 2″ paddle tail on a 1/16th oz jig. The only lure that worked was the paddle tail.

I did have a rough start, standing at the waters edge before launching, I lost my footing and took a shi##er, got both feet $#@#%$# wet to my ankles, son of a beach…..and I’m going to have a nice bruise on my arm by tomorrow…. frustrated kayak angler

Then my motor wouldn’t start…….I’m thinking -“The Gary Curse is upon me” (he is a friend of mine, and when ever he goes out fishing something always goes wrong) –

After pulling and pulling and thinking, what the heck….. I said to myself, gas, spark air……..sheet, I forgot

to turn on the gas switch…….DumbASS!! Curse nope, blond moment…….yes.

I spent the first half hour tossing the RT, Fat Rap, and silver buddy.

Then I caught 8 small bass right off the bat when I switched to the paddle tail grub.

I’d cast it out, let it sink to the bottom and pause, then give it a light pop.

All the bigger Bass came out of 16′ to 22′ of water.

I had to head home, my feet were cold……note to self: Keep socks and an extra pair of sneakers in my truck.

Large mouth bass caught in motorized Fishing kayak

Large mouth bass caught in motorized Fishing kayak

Large mouth bass caught in motorized Fishing kayak

Monday the 28th:

Water temps were 46 to 48 degrees, and very windy.

I was in 9′ of water popping the jig with the paddle tail. Cast it out past a weed line break and popped it back into the slop, as I freed it from the weeds…………….BAM…. shake, shake Flash of green goes the the right zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, flash of green goes to the left zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Crap my Net is stuck on my bungee………………… under the yak she goes, and I slowly pull up and out to pull her back, reach down and I shove my thumb in her mouth.
I’m a happy camper, 4lbs of plump Largemouth Bass.

Large mouth bass caught in motorized Fishing kayak

I continue on with the paddle tail, 2 rats, and three reties after the pickerel chew up my line.

I head over to a drop from 9 to 22′ of water and start working the jig.

Bam…………..nothing, darn pickerel cut me off again.

So instead of retying, I put the rod down and grab the shakey head worm, Zman straight tail worm dark green, cast it into a spot with a little wood in 16′ and let it sit, shake, pause, shake shake

BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM med/heavy rod doubles over, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ then nothing.

WTF, I figured maybe a nick in my line and it snapped.

I reel in the slack, and there in front of my eyes…………….. A PIGTAIL………….knot failure…..and I know it was my fault, I didn’t like the knot when I tied on the shakey rig, but I thought it would be okay.

One of the things I tell people when tying knots: if it doesn’t look Pretty…. RETIE IT!!!!!!

Well Thank God for my first chunker, only rats minus the pig I lost was it.

Still grateful for getting out, it was a beautiful day.

Life Is Good.

Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.


Large mouth bass caught in motorized Fishing kayak

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First Time Out In My W502 Fishing Kayak, By Russ Hicks, Connecticut

Took the yak out today for my 1st time, used paddle, went well.
Plan to use motor this week weather permitting. I have to rig boat 1st.
Local MV open part time will do mid week.
I changed the eye bolts to SS got 1″ longer, used a nut on top for more support against washer. I used SS washers, used your round composite backer-plate with a washer under it with a nylon lock SS nut so it can’t loosen up.
I made up a safety cable to secure the engine in case of motor mount issues, as per Honda’s recommendation. Put the rails & carpet on trailer.
That’s it for now. Russ

W502 fishing kayak with motor mount, Connecticut2hp Honda outboard mounted on W502 fishing kayak, CTbeached fishing kayak, Connecticutsafety cable for outboard engine bolt for attcahing motor mount to kayak

trailer for motorized fishing kayak

trailer for motorized fishing kayak

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November Muskie, By Gary Thorberg

Late fall is muskie time in Minnesota. They seem to be fattening before for the long winter. (I usually fatten up DURING the winter.) You can catch them right up until the ice forms, or the season ends, whichever comes first. Many fisherman don’t even fish for muskies until now. This nice 40 inch, 18 plus pounder was taken from a small lake in the heart of Minneapolis, a short distance from the downtown area. The lake only allows paddling or electric motors……perfect for my Wavewalk 500!

muskie caught in wavewalk fishing kayakThis fish was only out of the water for a quick measurement and photo.

43 inch long muskie caught in W fishing kayak, minnesotaThe canoe paddle is marked to allow for a quick measurement.

mukie caught withjout a fishing net, in kayakThe ‘boga grip’ style gripper is much easier than a net from a kayak.

phantom fishing lure caught muskie in kayakGlide baits, such as this Phantom, seem to work well this time of year.

The Wavewalk is a perfect craft for landing bigger fish. You are close to the water, and can easily steer the fish where you would like it to go. Because of the great tracking ability of the W, the fish won’t pull you around side to side as much as you would think. The fight was short and sweet, with the muskie quickly released without a scratch!
It’s going to be a long winter!


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Using A Trailer For Kayak Transportation, By Gary Thorberg

I own a small, lightweight trailer that I use for transporting my motorized fishing kayak together with my electric bike.

fishing kayak and electric bike attached on trailer

Fishing kayak and electric bike attached on trailer

When I transport my W kayak on the trailer, I can launch it directly from the trailer to the boat ramp “boat style” –

launching a motorized fishing kayak from a trailer, on a boat ramp

Launching a motorized fishing kayak from a trailer, on a boat ramp

Gary Throberg


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