Motorized kayaks

A motorized kayak is a kayak outfitted with a motor. Typically, motorized kayaks are used for fishing, as a motor offers the angler a longer range of travel for their fishing trips.
The most common type of motor used in fishing kayaks is an electric trolling motor powered by a battery that’s carried on board.
W kayaks are stable enough to be outfitted with electric motors as well as powerful outboard gas engines. The latter are often more dependable and useful than electric motors, especially for longer trips and for traveling in moving water, e.g. offshore and in adverse weather conditions.
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More Info On The New Motor Mount Design, By Gary Thorberg

More details about the new motor mount made by Gary Thorberg, from Minnesota:

detail of new motor mount for fishing kayak

detail of new motor mount for fishing kayak

detail of new motor mount for fishing kayak

Gary uses this mount to attach an electric trolling motor to his W fishing kayak, as well as an outboard gas engine.
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New Design For Electric Kayak Trolling Motor Mount By Gary Thorberg

Gary Thorberg, who has already designed several fishing kayak motor mounts, both for electric motors and outboard gas engines, has come up with a new, simpler and more effective design for an electric trolling motor mount:

electric trolling motor mount for fishing kayak, MinnesotaFishing kayak with electric trolling motor on the side, Minnesota

Gary is an avid fly angler who fishes mostly standing up in his kayak. His favorite fish species is musky.

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Russ’ High Tech Fishing Kayak

Regardless of their subject, getting pictures from W kayakers is always fun, but some cases are jaw-dropping… Russ Hicks, from Connecticut, got himself a W502 in the fall of last year, and put a 2hp 4-cycle Honda outboard on it (read his initial review >> ). Then came winter, and Russ turned his W502 into this amazing high tech fishing system:

We cannot fish in Connecticut until 3rd week in April.
Have done more work on WW: Some CT lakes & ponds are elec motors only, so I have set the boat up to work with gas or elec. Had to make piece to raise the height of the motor mount for the elec. Made it out of teak & s/s.
Installed Fish Finder, Compass, Radio. Racks to hold paddle & push pole.
Put another bolt in each side of motor mount, it’s more stable & rigid.
I also installed a very small seat from a rowing machine. It’s in the best place for me.
Also took an old plastic cutting board and made a platform for my jiggers. It’s overkill, but it’s what I want to fish.
I plot out the lakes before I fish them, marking the outline of the proper depth for my type of fishing with buoys on my GPS screen. Got a couple more local & one in MA to do in the next few weeks.

work platform on top of fishing kayak saddle

Cutting board used as platform - the batteries are in the kayak's hull tips

batteries at the bottom of fishing kayak hulls

Close up on batteries at the bottom of the hulls, for the trolling motor and jiggers

fishing kayak cockpit with front deck and fish finder

Front deck, depth finder, platform with fishing tackle attached on both sides

fishing kayak next to fishing motorboat

Fishmonger Junior, Russ' fishing kayak, next to Fishmonger - his other boat

stand for electric jiggers in fishing kayak

Preparation for the jiggers

electric jiggers installed in fishing kayak

Jiggers installed - rear view with electric motor, jointed tiller extension, and seat

electric trolling motor mounted on fishing kayak transom mount

Long shaft electric motor, transom mount with additional piece, and security cable

rear view of high tech fishing kayak

Rear view of Russ' high tech fishing kayak. Note the motor shaft is secured with a bungee 'W style'...

rear view of high tech fishing kayak

Fishmonger Junior viewed from another angle

front view of high tech fishing kayak

Front view of Russ' high tech fishing kayak. Note the eyelets on the hull sides are part of the 502 configuration, and that's where it's possible to attach XL flotation modules

fishing kayak on trailer with fishing motorboat in background

Fishmonger Junior and Fishmonger. BTW, Jr. has a Honda motor too, although it's much smaller...

First Kayak Bass Fishing Trip of the Season, By Rox Davis

I finally got out in my W500 for the first trip of the season in my yak.
I launched at 10:30 am at lake Congamond in Southwick Massachusetts.
Today was a picture perfect day.
Slight wind with sunny skies, I was hoping for some clouds, but they didn’t show up until the end of my day.
Water temps were 43 degrees to 47.8 degrees, and gin clear.

Long story short, I threw everything but the kitchen sink.
Though I had 3 Bass follow my jerk bait all the way to the boat, but they just wouldn’t commit and bite it.
I caught 5 pickerels, and only small bass.
I called it quits at about 3:30pm.

I was paddling through the flats, an area where the water is 2’ to 8’ deep, and decided to give one more lure a try.
I had a little mepps inline spinner in brown trout color, tied onto 8’ test floro.
I cast it almost to shore and retrieved it back to me slowly.
That picked me up a couple more small Bass, but not what I was looking for.

I made a cast up shallow next to a dock, and as the spinner came past the very end………….BAM!!! Fish On!!
I had a head shaking fool, running for deep water.
Now I’m getting my first tow of the season, as she turns and heads straight at me……………
I’m reeling in the slack line as fast as I can to catch up to her, and up she comes for my first tail Dance of the season.
She dives under my W500 and Pops out the other side, my pole dipped down under water hoping she would pop off.
She surges back out for the shallows on the dock I pulled her from.
I pull her up towards the surface, back towards my yak, and into my net.

Now this is what I was Looking for, 3.5 lbs fat healthy Large Mouth Bass.

large mouth bass - first kayak fishing trip of 2012Called it a day after that, and headed home.
A side note, I picked up another motor, a 2003 2hp Honda 4 stroke.
After it gets a tune up, I’ll be making another video.

Life Is Good.

Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

2 hp Honda outboard motor mounted on W500 fishing kayak

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W Kayak For Fishing and Bird Watching, by Russell Dodd, Western Australia

Due to back problems, conventional kayaks and canoes have become unusable for Russell, so he ordered a W500 for himself to paddle solo and in tandem with his wife Wendy:

It got a first run up the Canning River. Wendy & I got in straight up and pushed off – I must say it very stable and everything I expected it to be.
Paddling double up required some focus, as I am used to a Canadian Canoe which is what we used in Zimbabwe.
As a fishing and bird watching platform the W500 is certainly is a great unit. The bird watching from the kayak has been great.

Most of my focus has been directed towards sorting out a pulley harness to store the kayak in our garage roof and make it easy to load when we go out.
Also thinking about installing a forward mount electric trolling motor that’s foot controlled and leaves your hands free for other things – used to be great for bass fishing in Zimbabwe.

Everything is fine – have not used the kayak as much as I would have liked.
I am still taking things very slowly still.
Wendy and I have had 2 great trips on the sea out to Penguin Island and Seal Island just south of Rockingham which we loved. On the last trip I had a session standing and paddling on my own which certainly highlighted why I went for the W500, plus how much less drag there is opposed to carrying 2 up.
On Saturday I took a friend up the Canning which he loved.
Plans in April / May to go up to Denmark, 450kms south of Perth to test it on the inlets there & hopefully will get some photos for you.
The only photos I have taken to date are of mostly of birds and some of the seals and for that the W500 has proved to be wonderful – it gets you right into the zone. Within a year or 2 we should also get back up to the Ningaloo reef off Exmouth again which is what I really wanted the Kayak for – To get us out to the whales just on the edge of the reef and the fishing.
I have made up a roof extension frame to help load up the W500 onto our Grand Vitara roof – thanks to the good advice from your site and current project is to make some trolley wheels so I can manage on my own.
At least the w500 gets me into spots that are good for the soul.

Russell Dodd

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