Our clients can buy kayaks, car-top boats, microskiffs and accessories directly from us, or from our local dealers –

1. Direct Order

You can buy a Wavewalk® kayak and accessories by ordering factory-direct from us, and we’ll ship your order to any address in the US and Canada.  We’ve been doing this since 2004, and most of our clients have gotten got their Wavewalk kayaks this way.

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  • We ship every kayak in a custom, heavy dut cardboard box
  • All our shipments are insured
  • No extra charge on accessories shipped with the kayak
  • Free call before delivery service for shipments in the US and Canada

2. Buy From a Local Authorized Wavewalk® Dealer

You can buy a Wavewalk® kayak locally, at a Wavewalk authorized dealership, if there is one in your area.
Each Wavewalk® dealership is exclusive for its area, which means it doesn’t sell other kayaks, and we don’t sell through other dealers in that area.

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