Jeff Reviews the Fishbites and Gulp Lures

Jeff’ McGovern’s new kayak fishing article is called ‘Good As Live Bait?’. It’s a review of the Fishbites and Gulp lure brands.

Jeff writes: -“The brands I’ve been using are “Fishbites” (Carr Specialty Baits, St Augustine, Florida) and the more widely distributed “Gulp” (Berkley). Fishing lures: Fishbites and GulpThey are very different in composition, but achieve the same purpose for me: live bait results without the hassle of storing or keeping bait alive in my W. Whenever I’m fishing saltwater flats, both products are on board and ready to catch fish.”

Kids W Kayaking

It’s always fun to watch kids paddling a W kayak, regardless of their age and where they paddle it.
kid jumping in fishing kayak
The sense of confidence they get from the boat sooner or later translates into visible progress, tricks and stunts.kid jumping in fishing kayak
In this case this nine year old boy had to break his own record in jumping in the kayak. We have reasons to believe he may have been hoping to capsize the boat…
He kept jumping and managed to produce a lot of spray – relatively to his weight. Then he gave a pretty impressive performance of standup paddling, which is not surprising since kids seem to find position more ‘natural’ than paddling in the lower positions.kid paddling standing in fishing kayakEventually that kid and his 12 year old brother kept fooling with their boat in new and creative ways, and ended the session by declaring -“This is fun!”kids paddling fishing kayak

Jeff’s Jack – a Good Day Fishing

Anyway on to the largest fish today. I had gotten out to cool off with a little wading when the big jack hit a minnow style plug. It was like trying to hold back a train. That fish hit with a quick flash and peeled off line against the drag. Thank heavens I was using a stiff bait cast rig with 16lb line. I was barely able to keep the fish from running right around the oyster beds.
Jeff sitting by his W fishing kayak, showing a Jack he fished today
Size wise it pulled lots harder than it looked but it’s still a nice sized jack for the inshore waters. The last shot is how a strong fish can actually bend a very strong saltwater treble hook almost open. A few more minutes on the line and this fish would have straighted the hooks and pulled loose.

fish hook bent by strong fish

Tandem River Paddling and Touring in Your W300 Kayak

The W300 kayak can carry two adult passengers onboard, providing none of them is very big.
In these pictures the guy is 6 ft 200 lbs, and the girl is 5’5″ and weighs 135 lb. That’s about the maximum passenger load this boat would take and still perform reasonably well.
tandem paddling in fishing kayak
To begin with, it’s important to stress the fact that tandem is an ‘advanced’ application, which means both paddlers are required to be experienced in solo W kayaking before they go paddling it in tandem.
Paddling in tandem fishing kayak
The secret to successful tandem paddling is having each paddler perform his / her role: The front paddler should paddle as regularly as possible (e.g. left-right), and the back paddler, who’s in fact the ‘skipper’ should follow the movement of the front paddle with his own paddle while trying to keep the paddles parallel to each other in order to prevent them from colliding.
Fishing kayak with two passengers paddling
The paddler in the back is also the one who’s more responsible for tracking and steering, and should try to do it without losing power and momentum, that is while applying different strokes of varying power. Sharp turns should be done together.

Standup Paddling and Drifting Down River in Your W300 Kayak

Paddling and just drifting down a river standing in your W300 is a new and exhilarating way to travel and fish.
The river and scenery are experienced differently than when you’re sitting or riding in your kayak, and fishing is altogether different.
standing in a fishing kayak drifting down riverFirst of all, you can see more of what’s around you, whether it’s the water or the banks that you’re interested in. Wildlife and vegetation are more visible, and fish can often be perceived in the water when they wouldn’t be from a lower position.standing in a fishing kayak
Paddling down river is always easier than up river, and when you paddle standing you can paddle and steer at the same time by applying canoe-style J strokes on one side of your W kayak. If the stream is fast enough to carry you at a good speed you can just stand and occasionally dip your paddle to correct your course.standup paddling fishing kayak
You can also paddle fast – both on one and two sides of your W kayak. Even speed is sensed differently when you paddle standing – Imagine going down a snowy mountain slope sitting on a sled and then standing on skis… The difference is comparable, although going on snow is faster in both cases.