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Work Surface for W Fishing Kayak

As always, Jeff’s kayak fisherman’s mind keeps finding improvements and new ways to rig his W kayak.

Here is Jeff’s latest:

-“I was cleaning up my office this morning and came across this simple plastic TV tray. Hmmm I wondered and headed out back to the W. Not bad this might be something. Without the tall tackle pack in it the thing actually locks in place nicely under the rim providing a broader flat work surface, not to mention handy side pockets.”

As simple and elegant as ever…


BTW, that kayak is Jeff’s 2008 model.

And in the same spirit, it’s fun to remember a somehow similar idea conceived a couple of years ago by John Earle, a photographer who worked on the cover of the inaugural issue of the MIT Sloan Magazine:

Fishing kayak photo for MIT Sloan magazine

New DIY Paddle Holders for 2008 W Fishing Kayak

Jeff McGovern did it again: This time he found what seems to be a perfect DIY solution for flat water, ‘drop-in’ paddle holders. It’s so simple and elegant – just a pair of bathroom door clothes hooks attached to the cockpit rim with plastic straps, using the factory-made holes that are already there…

paddle holders for fishing kayak

DIY paddle holders for fishing kayak

The hole came with the boat, and it’s there exactly for this purpose: Enable the kayak fisherman to easily attach his tackle and gear to the kayak.

Three Generations of New W Kayakers From San Diego, CA

We’ve just published a new story about Jane, a kayaker from San Diego, California, who’s just become a W kayaker. Jane took her new 2008 W kayak paddling for the first time in Mission Bay, in the company of her daughter, her two grandchildren, and their friend.

Looks like had a lot of fun…

Jane W kayaking - Mission Bay, CA

Jane is also a seasoned Jet-ski and motorcycle rider, but that’s another story…

Goofing in the W kayakAlaris kayaking solo - Mission Bay, California

Short Rods for Kayak Fishing

Jeff McGovern’s new fishing tackle review is about the Emmrod fishing rods.

Jeff explains what their advantages are, and how they fit certain kayak fishing needs.

While these rods are good with any fishing kayak, Jeff recommends to use them in combination with the W fishing kayak because the Riding position it offers enables achieving optimal results.

Selection of fishing rods for kayak fishing

How to Choose a Bait Caster

Jeff McGovern elucidates this complex and sometime confusing issue in a new article entitled Choosing a Bait Caster.

In his article Jeff methodically explains and advises the new kayak angler about different rods, reels and lines, and helps see more clearly into the huge product offering available today in the field of fishing tackle.

The article includes pictures.

By the way, Jeff serves as adviser to tackle manufacturers, and last time he counted he had three hundred fishing rods in his collection…

Drawing on Jeff the kayak angler