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Scott Swope, Florida Kayak Angler and Dad

I went in the Intercoastal Waterway this weekend. Saturday morning was my first time on open water and I was very nervous. Just grabbing a fishing pole from the rod holder was scary. I ran across an oyster bed and scratched the hulls.

Sunday morning was much better. I felt pretty comfortable moving around the cockpit to grab fishing poles, cast, etc. I was actually able to stand up and paddle when I got close to shore and knew I could stand up if I fell.
My son was able to instantly balance on the W kayak.

You should have seen the looks I got from the nearby paddlers/fishermen. One guy actually approached me after I pulled my W out of the water and asked to look at it more closely.

Thanks again for all your help and advice. Everyone I meet who has any interest in paddling thinks my W is very interesting.

Here’s a photo of my son with his first speckled trout caught on a Wavewalk near Caladesi Island in Clearwater, Florida

Scott's boy showing the first fish he caught in the W kayak

The Next Level in Paddling – Beyond Kayaking

What would a kayaking magazine have to say about this picture?

Standup paddling in the surf

This picture represents a new paddle sport that’s beyond the experience and possibly even the expectation of the kayaking community, including the editors of kayaking magazines. Can any of the editors of those magazines seriously test a W Kayak if all they know is traditional kayaking?

In order to be able to form and express a valid opinion about the W Kayak these people would have to invest time in learning, and that’s something that some experts don’t necessarily like to do because they’d rather believe they already know everything worth knowing in their domain of expertise…

I think a (good) picture is worth a thousand words, even if those words are printed in a kayaking magazine.


An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Yesterday I had a long conversation with a man who has built and designed fifteen small boats in recent years, including kayaks. He’s an avid fisherman too, and we naturally started talking about kayak fishing.
When the conversation got into details it became clear that although kayak fishing has grown tremendously in recent years the number of people who fish from kayaks is still very small in comparison to the number of people who fish from motorboats.

We easily agreed that sit-in kayaks, and recently SOT kayaks don’t provide a comfortable enough platform for fishing, and outriggers were an invitation for your fishing lines to get caught in them.

He found a funny way to summarize the situation, saying: -“Kayak fishing is a great idea with the wrong boat.”

Needless to say that we found it easy to agree that the W is the kind of boat that can take kayak fishing to the next level.