Guided Boat Tours in Key Largo

Great news for tourists in Key Largo!

Captain Larry Jarboe just added to his fleet the new Wavewalk Express, a comfortable aluminum catamaran with room for half a dozen passengers on its spacious deck.

Larry has decades of experience in guiding boat tours, and he offers exclusive excursions including tours at sunset, and tours on both sides of Key Largo, namely the ocean, mangroves, parks and nature reserves.

Activities include watching the sunset, dolphins, manatees, fish etc, as well as driving through the mangrove maze in combination with Wavewalk S4 and W700 kayaks, and without them.

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sunset on the ocean, Key Largo

manatee swimming in a canal, Key Largo

200 lbs of Blue Catfish in my S4 “kayak”

By Captain Larry Jarboe

I took an S4 with me on a trip to my native Maryland, and today, I launched it out of our Nation’s newest marine sanctuary at Mallows Bay.
I fished the Potomac channel’s edge for the invasive Blue Catfish which taste very good. Right off, they started slamming the baits. I started taking video but the GoPro did not respond as it usually does. After some frustration, I put on my reading glasses to see no SD card displayed in fine print. Aaargh. Needless to say, I kept on fishing and caught over 200 lbs. of catfish in less than 3 hours. A couple are plus 20 pounders. The proof is in the pic taken from another camera. I don’t have a cooler big enough so they are packed on ice inside the S4 for distribution tomorrow morn.

Fishing with my Wavewalk 500 from South Texas to the Dry Tortugas

By Kevin Glass


I’ve been enjoying the wavewalk 500.
Since receiving the kayak it has been fishing from South Texas to the Dry Tortugas. The only modifications that has been added is a set of outriggers, since I spend a great amount of time standing while fishing.
I have had two back surgeries and find extremely difficult to sit with my feet out in from of my hips for long periods. But fishing from the Wavewalk 500 can be an all day enjoyable adventure for me. Thanks again for developing this Kayak.

W500 fishing kayak at Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas islands