S4 looks good on there

By Adam Bierly


Just finished setting up my trailer. S4 looks good on there.

S4 motor kayak skiff on trailer
S4 motor kayak skiff with 6 HP Mercury outboard on a trailer
S4 motor kayak skiff transported on a trailer
Wavewalk S4 motor kayak skiff on trailer

My trailer makes it so nice to transport all of my water sport gear and easy loading! At the end of the day I just back it in the garage and done! No more in and out of the truck bed or on and off rook racks… and I can leave the motor on the s4 which is a big benefit.

Crossing lake Tahoe in my Wavewalk 700

By Edwin Warner

Long time no talk, I’m still in the same place, and I still love the Wavewalk. Wanted to send you my latest shenanigans. Lake Tahoe West shore- East shore- West shore, 21 miles 5.5 hours (w photo/hydration breaks) @ 6000’ elevation. Rubicon bay to Cave Rock to Rubicon bay. Here are some photos,

Cheers Edwin

Click images to enlarge –

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Our perfect and fun Wavewalk S4

By Andrew Kabbash

Ontario, Canada

A year in, I want to tell you how thrilled I am with the S4. It performs exactly as designed. Stable, light, quick even with a 3.5hp, and fun too.

The most impressive feature to me is being able to stand on one side of the boat and step onto a dock or a low freeboard boat. Amazing.

Thanks again, Andrew

Here are some photos of our S4 –

Trimmed outboard motor on Wavewalk S4 kayak
Wedge to properly angle motor
Short pieces of shock cord to hold paddle
notch inside makes it easy