Whether paddling or fishing in your kayak, try to stay dry

Abstract This article examines the problems stemming from prolonged exposure to wet clothing, which is sometime viewed as inseparable from all forms of kayaking and kayak fishing, and all types of kayaks. It exposes possible dangers and inconveniences associated with direct exposure to water, excessive humidity and cold in various circumstances, and describes solutions based … Continue reading “Whether paddling or fishing in your kayak, try to stay dry”

Fishability – How Fishable Are Fishing Kayaks?

What is Fishability? Dictionaries define fishable as an adjective meaning ‘that may be fished in’. By extension, the noun fishability can be used to describe the usefulness of a fishing craft for catching fish, from the angler’s well being and performance standpoints. Basically, you can catch fish just sitting on a log in the middle … Continue reading “Fishability – How Fishable Are Fishing Kayaks?”

Kayak Fishing Standing – And What If?…(Stuff Happens)

It seems like all fishing kayak manufacturers these days claim that at least one of their fishing kayak models lets you stand up and fish from. Some of them even go as far as say ‘in confidence’. The problem with those claims is that they aren’t true, and the sure way for you to know … Continue reading “Kayak Fishing Standing – And What If?…(Stuff Happens)”