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37 inch striper caught on a fly in my Wavewalk kayak, by Bill Davenport

New way to catch bigger fish…

I rigged up my own concoction that’s supposed to function like a go-pro camera. Still working the bugs out. Of course when I got the biggest fish yet out of the W I left the camera at home. Still looks rather nice cradled in my W kayak though.



big striper

37″ striper caught on a fly


big striper


big striped bass in kayak


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Night fishing got me a striper I could keep, by Bill Davenport

Well, I finally got a keeper this season. Lousy photos, but I was in a hurry to try and find the camera and get the fish back in the water. I don’t care for night fishing all that much, but that’s when the fish are most active at this time of year. (And I feel pretty comfortable in my W.)
Still planning to motorize my W kayak.


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Big striper in my kayak - night fishing

26" striper in my kayak - night fishing, Massachusetts



No legal stripers yet… by Bill Davenport

Hope all is well.
This has been a less than perfect spring, however I’ve been out in W trying.
Quite a few little fish but no legal stripers yet.
I put Flying Tiger motif on, as if the Wavewalk didn’t attract enough attention as is. More to come.


Camo fly fishing kayak with shark motive Fly rods in fly fishing kayak, MA small size striper, Massachusetts, 2014 small striper Massachusetts 2014 sunset on the water sunshine on the water

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45 inch 42 lbs striper wins Frank Fama the first prize in the 2014 Hudson Striped Bass Derby

The first prize was a Wavewalk 500 F2 fishing kayak and a Wavewalk PSP stand-up paddle.
The annual Striped Bass Derby is an open fishing tournament organized by the Hudson River Fishermen Association (HRFA)

45 inch 42 lbs striper Hudson derby winner 2014

Frank Fama holding the 45.25″ 42 lbs giant striper that won him 1st prize at the 2014 Stripe Bass Derby

Judging by its size, this fish is 15-16 years old.
Had this striper been 3 inches longer and 8 lbs heavier, it would have won Frank the $100,000 “Fish of a Lifetime” prize.
Maybe next year? 🙂