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Hawg Buster Fishing Kayaks will attend the first Annual N4Cs Outdoorsman’s Expo in PA, by Joe Stauder

HBBCO Kayaks will be showing our Wavewalk Kayaks rigged six different ways at the 1st Annual N4Cs Outdoorsman’s Expo that will take place at the Northern Columbia Community & Cultural Center.

Dates: Saturday June 14th 9:00AM – 4:00 PM & Sunday June 15th 10:00AM – 4:00 PM

Address: Northern Columbia Community & Cultural Center, 42 Community Drive, Benton, PA 17814

Tel: (570)-925-0163)

  • Vendors for fishing, hunting, kayaking & outdoor life
  • Information for local fishing & sportsman associations
  • Father’s Day Outdoorsman Basket Raffle
  • Breakfast & Lunch available both days

We look forward o seeing you at the show,

Joe and the HBBCO team

Hawg Buster Fishing Kayaks

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A river rat’s kayak fishing trip down the W. Susquehanna river, by Joe Stauder

The fall feed is on in PA, and it creates great fishing opportunities.
Here is one of the Smallmouth bass I hooked while on a 10 mile float down the West Branch of the Susquehanna river, in my Wavewalk kayak.

I’m not much of a story teller but I stood up most of the time which allowed me to wing a crank bait out and run it through the deep water haunts where the breeders lay.

I had no need to stop, cause I could stand to fish and sit down to relax every so often. This is extremely important to me cause I have gone through three back surgeries and I need to be able to stretch out once in a while so I don’t get stiff.

There was a stiff cross wind blowing up river which would be a problem with any other kayak, but my Wavewalk tracked straight and true even in the cross wind.


Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks

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Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks at the fundraiser for Colyer lake dam, by Joe Stauder

We took part in the fundraiser for the Colyer lake dam. We were headquartered in a comfortable tent, and we gave dozens of test rides in the demo kayaks we had brought with us. Some people paddled in tandem, and others paddled standing up.
We had a lot of fun, and the fundraiser was a success.


Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks, PA

Standing out from the crowd…

A aerial view of our gathering

The Hawg Buster team in its headquarters

The stand up fishing kayak displayed, outfitted with our special wheel cart. In the background you can see a rare red W500…

A couple testing the W500 as a tandem kayak

An elderly big guy paddling our main demo kayak – super easy!

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