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Views from my kayak, by Harry Selsor

Eagle soars past the Wavewalk

Eagle soars past the Wavewalk

Took an early evening paddle on the Broward after supper…had a few photo opportunities…


Reflections On Broward





Eagle launches from a pine tree

Eagle launches from a pine tree


Great Egret soars overhead

Great Egret soars overhead


Roseate Spoonbill overflight

Roseate Spoonbill overflight


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Great Egret on the Broward, by Harry Selsor

A Northeastern wind courtesy of Hurricane Cristobal brought a little respite from the high humidity and dog days of August weather pattern.

Tides were favorable for a morning excursion on my wavewalk so I headed out to check out my recently repaired lens. I went to the “Secret Hideout” on the Broward River and found the Great Egrets and some Tricolored Herons enjoying the morning. Got a few loud protests as I paddled my kayak by the tree.


Reflections On Broward

Great Egret





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PS –

Went back to the “hideout” this morning and found a pair of Roseate Spoonbills…they let me drift right under them and take few hundred photos before heading off for breakfast…the Great Egret also stayed a bit longer. When I returned to the dock area got a few of the Little Blue Herons also. Harry





roseate-spoonbill (2)

roseate-spoonbill (3)

roseate-spoonbill (4)

roseate-spoonbill (5)


Wildlife photography kayak trip at DeLeon Springs, by Harry Selsor

Went for a paddle today at DeLeon Springs… not much activity and although summer is officially here tomorrow…I melted today !


Reflections On Broward

Snowy Egret on Lily Pads

Great Blue Heron

Bump on a log

Tricolored Heron

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First Fishin Trip Wavewalkin, by Harry Selsor

Went with my friend Hank on the St Johns River today..tried out my Emmrod fishing rods..came back empty handed but Hank got a few. Had a great time anyway. My story is it was so big it broke my line and took the leader and all..and I am sticking to it..
The Great Egret got one too! Juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron poses for a photo.


Reflections On Broward

my Wavewalk kayak rigged for fishing with Emmrods

Rigged and ready


great egret caught a fish

The one that didn’t get away


Juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron

Juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron

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Today’s kayak photography trip, by Harry Selsor

Went on a “Meetup” with some Kayakers to a local river outlet..met a new friend and we are going fishing next Friday..

I would like to know if anyone has knowledge of some roof rack clamps or pads that are a good fit for the square bottom of the wavewalk?

A few photos from the wavewalk today –


Reflections On Broward


American Oystercatcher …just pulled up an oyster..



and Osprey female on a nest with two hatchlings, one under each wing..


Yellow-Crowned -Night-Heron

Yellow Crowned Night Heron Fly by


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