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Not too shabby bass with my back injuries, by Rox Davis

Just started therapy for my back yesterday, opted out on the surgery for now.
I want to try all my options first before the Knife!!

I was able to still get out, Lisa pulled the W kayaks down to the waters edge at a pond near us.
I left my W500 at home since it’s a little heavier with the motor mount and deck.
A little paddling goes a long way with the W300.

Just tossing a 3” yum dinger in baby bass color Texas rigged weedless.
Not to shabby with my back and neck injuries. Plus a bonus 4lber to boot!!

If I was in a traditional yak, I would have never made it off shore – too hard to get in and out without a splash down. 🙂

Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.


This eight year old W300 kayak still does the job




bass-caught-july-7-CT (2)

Back on the saddle and landing big bass, by Rox Davis

It’s been a crazy season for me, I haven’t got out much.
I had time and felt good enough to finally get out to a large pond I love for a couple of trips.

I was fishing with my LunkerCity Salad Spoon, and it did not disappoint me!!

On 6’ med/heavy pole, 30 lb fire line braid with a 17 lb floro leader tied together with a uni to uni knot (only 4 wraps per knot).

For those of you who do not know what this lure is, it’s a soft body frog/buzz bait.
It is shown in one of the photos.

Reel it slow, drag it through the heaviest muck, let it sink and pop it, many many ways to use this great top water Bass lure, Pike and Pickerel love it too.

The 3/0 texposers hooks by lunker city work great and so does a frog hook from a spro jr frog with a spring lock placed on the end ring.
The gamakatsu superline spring hook lock 3/0 works great too.

Tons of rat bass, a few 1 and 2 lbers, but some big Girls have still avoided the meat dunkers.

I casted the LunkerCity Salad spoon to a spot I know very well
in this pond, had a blowup and sent my spoon flying 3 feet away.

Waited a few minutes, which was killing me, cast past the first blow up and slowly moved the Salad spoon to the spot and BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! Fish On!!!!
ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Holy crap she’s pulling drag, and it was set pretty tight, the sleigh ride has begun!!!
All I could think was CRAP she’s headed for the laydown towing me with her.

Cranked the drag down 2 more clicks, and I was able to turn her.
Now we are headed back out to the center, holy crap, Up She Comes Shaking her head, then off for some more towing.

As I get her closer to the yak, Up she comes again with a flip and lands between my hulls of the yak and out the back end.
Pole bent to the max, I figured something was going to break, my line or the pole.

I opened the bail against my better judgment, closed it as soon as my pole bounced back, then started reeling
Like crazy.
Grabbed the net and was able to scoop her up from the back end of the W500!!!!!

You could hear me Yell for miles I’m sure!!!
No Scale with me, she was 21 inches long and Friggin FAT!!!!
I’d say very close to 6 lbs or better.


Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

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Bass Fishing Trip Before The Storm, By Rox Davis

Went to use my pickup on the 25th and darn near drove through the fence….
NO Brakes????????????????????? I think it blew a brake line……

So I stuffed the Kia Soul with my W300 10.5′ long yak, the 12′ W500, is just a tad too long, it might not be legal…… and headed to Rainbow Reservoir.

So I went on instinct, and of course knowing what it looks like under them waters helps big time.

I found lots of runts Largemouth bass & Smallmouth bass, perch, crappies. But in every one of my spots that should be holding fish…I found nothing.
This should be prime crank bait time here, but I only got one keeper smallie on it, Fat Rap in white.

Got a few on the tube, paddle tail and none on the dinger. Spinner bait didn’t get a sniff, CB, Nada.

They were drawing water down big time for the storm that’s coming, of course, it was after 3pm and time for me to paddle back.

No clue what the water temps were, cloudy, dark stained water.
Slight breeze, and no currant till end.

Here a few of the best of the day.
I added a picture of a nice 5lb Large Mouth Bass I caught on the 26th while fishing with my buddy Mike on Congamond Lake.

And Yes, we survived Hurricane Sandy, with only a few limbs down.
I brought both of the W500 in the house, I didn’t want to chance them getting crushed by the huge 80 year old Siler Maple that hovers over the yak shack.

Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

fishing kayak in small car

smallmouth bass, CT October 2012

smallmouth bass, CT October 2012

largemouth bass October 2012 CT

2 fishing kayaks stored in house before hurricane Sandy

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W Fishing Kayak Outfitted With 1.2hp Outboard Motor Towing a Second Kayak, By Rox Davis

As promised, here’s the movie of Rox towing Lisa.
The movie was shot during the two kayak anglers’ latest fishing trip – Note that Rox’s W kayak is outfitted with a 1.2 hp Gamefisher outboard gas engine, and although it’s not a very powerful motor, the two kayaks are going at a pretty good speed:

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