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Wildlife photography from my Wavewalk 500

By Hendrik Broekman


It took a while, but, after my broken wrist, I’m physically back to normal.
My wife and I go paddling whenever we can, but still not often enough. The Wavewalk has yet to be on something other than the Sudbury river.

This year I finally started posting images from some of our late afternoon excursions. You can find some of them at

I find the Wavewalk very steady and have confidence taking not-easily-replaceable photo gear on paddles.
The craft is easily enough driven and tracks nicely. It’s a great workout and a kick to be out on a relatively underutilized body of water.

Thank you for coming up with the idea for the Wavewalk. I simply have no interest in using a typical kayak. I just don’t bend that way and I doubt I’m alone in that regard. It has given my wife and me another shared, meaningful activity for our retirement.


First bird photography trip in my W500 kayak this year

By John Fabina

I started the kayaking year with a bird photography trip. There are no leaves on the trees yet, so spotting and shooting the birds is easier.

There will be plenty of time for fishing in the coming months.



A strong zoom lens is a must have for a bird photographer



Camo Wavewalk 500






black-bird  geese











A cautious turkey



A man-made bird…


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Today’s kayak photography trip, by Harry Selsor

Went on a “Meetup” with some Kayakers to a local river outlet..met a new friend and we are going fishing next Friday..

I would like to know if anyone has knowledge of some roof rack clamps or pads that are a good fit for the square bottom of the wavewalk?

A few photos from the wavewalk today –


Reflections On Broward


American Oystercatcher …just pulled up an oyster..



and Osprey female on a nest with two hatchlings, one under each wing..


Yellow-Crowned -Night-Heron

Yellow Crowned Night Heron Fly by


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