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Paddling and fishing in Massachusetts on a cold April day, by Chris Ott

Long time, no time …

Well I took the snow tires off the car Sunday and as I brought them into the cellar I saw my W kayak in the corner. So I brought it out and decided to take a small paddle on one of my favorite Central Mass rivers.
It was colder and much windier than I would have liked it to be, but I was out for a few hours in my W!
As I was fishing (really more just paddling and exploring) I heard a crunching noise behind me. Sure enough, the wind had blown me to the edge of the ice as I retrieved my lure.
Now I bet it is a small few outside of your forum that would recognize what made the attached imprint.

I am looking forward to the W helping me lose the “Winter Weight” and I keep telling myself it was my coat that made the life jacket feel more snug than usual.

All the best,


Bird Watching and Photography from a W Kayak, by Don MacAdam, Massachusetts

The W kayak has performed great! I’ve been to Ponkapoag Pond twice, Morris Island in Chatham, Neponset River and Quicksand Pond in RI. I only had my camera for Neponset and Quicksand so I’m sending a couple of shots. Bird watching has been fun and I doubled up with my wife one beautiful day on Ponkapoag. It definitely handles differently with two people than with one, but no problems, she loved it.

Of course, people come right up to me and ask me about the unique design. I tell them you guys sell them right over in Sharon and to check out your website. I tell them to just Google W boat and the Wavewalk site will list up. I’m looking forward to getting out on the Charles River next.

I was able to suspend/store it easily under my deck. I look forward to expanding my birdwatching excursions to include some “birding” from the water.

Thanks for everything! I’ll try and pass along some more pictures of any future paddles.


Neponset River

Neposet River Bridge

Quicksand Pond, Little Compton, Rhode Island

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Chris’ New Kayak Fishing Trip Report, Massachusetts

I have been kayaking on the East Branch of the Ware River. The water is at its highest ever since Tropical Storms Irene and Lee and most of the beaver dams are below the water level.
I took a nice bass (picture included) in a quite part of a turn in the river recently.
The higher water level allows me to go further upstream, but the vegetation and current can pose challenges as one picture attests to. Of course coming back downstream is a blast because the challenge (and fun) is not to portage down an obstacle but to kayak over it!

Don’t know if I will have a chance to go out again this year, but the W will stay in the garage until I put the snowplow on the tractor for the winter.

Once again, thanks for a great kayak!


Largemouth bass recently caught by Chris, out of his kayak

Kayaking in very difficult water with plenty of vegetation

"Guerrilla Kayaking" Chris' style

Kayaking in places that hard to access and paddle through

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Chris’ Kayak River Trip Report, Massachusetts

I have spent about 35 hours these past two weeks in the W300. I am very comfortable with all aspects of this kayak. Of course, my experience remains with flat water, but as my emails indicate – I am in no hurry to get to any particular level and just enjoy each outing. My personal record paddling while standing is slightly over a mile.

We had a person from Japan embedded in our group at work. He wanted to go kayaking so I borrowed a common kayak for him and we went with another person and his kayak to the Quinebog River in Brimfield, off of Route 20. We did about 12 miles. Unfortunately I had to do about six of those miles in the common kayak I borrowed for our visitor. What a pain it is to adjust the back support and the foot rests to get a comfortable paddling position. Also the kayak zig-zagged with each stroke because it did not have a keel or natural tracking action (nor did I initially have the paddling expertise to correct this). Since I came to the W300 with only canoe experience, I did not realize what I was (fortunately) missing. I was never so happy to get back into my W300. Meanwhile, my friend with the other kayak took the W300 while our visitor took his. He was very happy with the W300 and understood immediately how this was absolutely superior for fishing. He was standing and looking around bends and over marsh grass in no time and he loved the space inside the kayak and the ability to have fishing gear on the flat saddle while changing up lures. I had to politely ask him not to lead the group because I could not keep up with him in the W300 while I was in the borrowed kayak.

I went out by myself for some 6, 7 and 8 hours at a time on the water days. I now have the tell tale W kayaker tan/burn on my upper knee.

Anyway, thought I would drop you a line – so to speak.


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