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Finally caught a few in the tidal flood, by Kevin Eastman

Sunday night the high tide was after dark but we had a nice east wind that brought the water in early so I launched for a sunset cruise to the flats. I found a couple of nice reds that came home with me for dinner. I got the last one just as the lights went out and had a nice paddle home in the moon light.

I got out again this morning for few more hours and the fish were on the flats. The water was calm as glass and no wind to speak of so conditions were perfect. It’s not too often it’s that nice for the floods this time of year. I missed number of them but did manage to get a couple of more before the water receded.

I finally got around to make a better standing platform for my seat. It’s a bit longer so I can move a bit better than with my shorter one.




A pair of reds on the new DIY standing platform





DIY fly rod rack designed for stand up fishing


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Sheephead for dinner, by Kevin Eastman

I finally got around to making my motorized W legal and registered it this week, so now I can travel the waterways without fear of a ticket. Super Bowl Sunday was a beautiful sunny afternoon, so I decided to utilize the motor and fish the inside of the jetties at our inlet, an area that I don’t often paddle to because of the distance and current.

I was hoping to get some sheepshead for dinner and did find that a couple were interested in my bait. I had a monster hooked and unfortunately, the hook pulled after a short battle. I did manage to land one of his smaller relatives and that one will be joining me for dinner.

Cheers, Kevin

sheephead in fish net - Florida fishing trip

fisherman showing sheephead - Florida

DIY Motor Mount For My Fly Fishing Kayak (a.k.a. “Motor Yacht”), By Kevin Eastman

With the cool weather we’ve been having here the past couple of weeks, I’m beginning to think we are back up north ourselves.

I finally got around to getting some more pics of my transom motor mount after redesigning the attachment points.
I was out for a short trip in it today and took a few others to go along with them. I’m having a blast putting around St. Augustine in my new “motor yacht”. It reminds me of years ago when we’d go out fishing in a small boat with an outboard. I also cobbled together an articulating extension for the tiller arm so I can control the motor with my arms facing the bow.

We had a sunny but cool afternoon today with no wind, so I decided it was time to take a cruise and brought along a couple of rods to troll on my trip. The trout are biting pretty good so I’ve included a picture to let the northern yakkers live vicariously through since most of their waters are getting a bit cool to play in. I also ran into a couple of Loons that have made their way south for some warmer weather this winter. They are in their winter plumage so aren’t real pretty like you’re used to seeing them in the spring and summer.

I’ve got some wild plans to build set of sponsons for the back and put a 5 hp motor on the boat, then see what kind of trouble I can get in to.

Cheers, Kevin

Kevin's 'motor yacht' - a motorized fishing kayak.

Yamaha outboard motor attached to Kevin's fishing kayak

DIY motor mount for fishing kayak

DIY motor mount for fishing kayak

Kevin's DIY motor mount design for fishing kayak

Trout presented for the kayak fisherman's camera

Loon fishing near St Augustine Florida

Loon swimming and fishing

Flood Grass Fly Fishing, By Kevin Eastman

Thought I’d send a report. I haven’t had too much luck this year getting out for the flood fishing but managed a trip yesterday.
The wind was blowing pretty good but I managed to find one area that was protected well enough to cast. Fortunately there were a few fish tailing in that spot. I finally convinced one of them to take my fly and had a nice battle landing him. That was pretty much it for the day, the wind was howling so I started my trudge back against the wind and ran in to this little guy clinging to a blade of grass and it seemed stranded and exhausted. With a little convincing, I got him into the kayak for a ride to shore and put him in a protected cedar tree to rest up. He was gone when I checked on him later so hopefully he made it.

I picked up a used Yamaha 2 hp last week, I’m trying to re-invent the wheel for a motor mount and will send some pictures along when I’m done.

Cheers, Kevin

bird in flood grass

fly fisherman showing redfish he caught in the flood grass

fly fishing kayak in the flood grass

Kevin’s W kayak outfitted with a high platform for sight fishing (think ‘flats boat’), a push-pole for poling through the flooded grass, a high DIY fly rod holder for stand up fishing, and of course, Kevin’s new DIY wooden paddle.

fly fishing rod holder

Poling the Flooded Flats, Kayak Fly Fishing for Redfish, By Kevin Eastman

Well, thanks to the north east winds we had some unscheduled flood tides this weekend.
I could see that the evening high tide would flood one of my favorite spots though it would be after dark.
I decided to go just before sunset and see if the winds were bringing the waters up faster and as luck would have it the flood was in early.
After hustling to the first flat I only saw one tail and got a couple of unsuccessful shots at it.
With the sun setting fast I poled to another flat and was about to give up when some tails popped up but not for long. Fortunately, the water was shallow enough that I could follow the wakes. I missed the first one but stuck the second one I saw. It was a solid 24″ and put up a nice fight.
When I got that one landed and unhooked the sun had set and I figured the show was over. I scanned the flat and could still see some fish feeding as the light was fading. I got another nice shot at a cruising wake and the fish inhaled the fly. This one fought a lot harder and longer, laying out at 26.”
I was hoping to get a crack at another fish as the dark settled in but they pretty much disappeared by the time I got the fish unhooked.
There were still fish there, just not tailing as the lights went out. I ran over a few while poling back home in the dark but didn’t see any tails. I noticed the same thing a few weeks ago with the evening flood and full moon when I was hoping to fish the flat in the moon light. As soon as darkness settled in, the tailing stopped and fish activity decreased, even with the light of the full moon. Poling home off the flats in the dark is a hoot and almost as enjoyable as the fishing.
I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end Father’s Day.

The stand up fly fishing kayak at sunset Florida

Kevin's fly fishing kayak rigged with a high platform for sight fishing, and poling - no outriggers

kayak fly fisherman showing big redfish caught in flood tide shallow water at night FL

kayak fly fisherman showing big redfish caught in flood tide shallow water FL

Red fish caught by fly fisherman in stand up kayak FL June 2012

fly and fly rod on stand up fly fishing kayak

fly rod at dusk on stand up kayak FL