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Bass boat standup swivel seat for my W fishing kayak, by Paul Harrison

Thought I would share an idea I am working on. I became intrigued with having a “standup” pedestal/swivel seat similar to what I have used in bass boats. Some call these leaning posts or butt seats. You are in more of an upright posture for fishing, and for paddling in the case of a Wavewalk kayak.

1st prototype of bass-boat style standup swivel seat for W kayak

I developed a prototype of this idea as shown in the attached photos. I am testing different mounting locations and heights more than the perfect attachment/mounting scheme. This is pretty satisfactory as is with the center of the pedestal 7 inches behind midships and the height of the seat 24 inches above the hull bottom. This works well although I might shim and raise it a few inches when I finalize. Fore/aft balance seemed about right and I can still sit on the saddle in front of it if needed. The various parts are all from Ba$$ Pro except of course the saddle bracket. The fixed pedestal unit has a 7″ rise and a swivel is bolted to the top of it with the butt seat on top of that (need to attend to something at the stern or paddle out backwards? just spin around). There are all sorts of stainless adjustable pedestals and pedestal sockets but this turns into more than I wanted to spend!

Click images to enlarge:

The attachment scheme doesn’t require any holes in the kayak and can be broken down to two major components with a couple of bolts and maybe wing nuts in the final form. It is very secure when installed which was an important goal for me. An advantage is that it doesn’t require altering my saddle bracket or permanently tying it up with this application. I could allow the seat to be moved forward and aft with some more holes in the board that is running down the saddle.

Most importantly I was very pleased with paddling and sitting in this position. Having the seat pedestal to brace against provides great leverage when paddling from this position. Also, it extends the time I can standup paddle due to less need to balance and make adjustments with my feet, which can get tiring after a while (granted, a long while). And the ability to sit and relax at this height while fishing or sightseeing is a big plus. Stability was very good at this seat height and with my 5’10” height. You can use the different sitting positions as you would use on the saddle alone, although feet forward is very comfortable. One would obviously want to stick with more calm waters with this setup but you can always “just sit” on the saddle if things get squirrelly.

I would be interested in ideas to improve this. An obvious choice would be mounting the seat base between two saddle brackets as some have done with lower seats. This might require some additional bracing or a couple bolts in the saddle due to this height (don’t want to hinge the whole assembly off the saddle if applying a lot of pressure). I like not having to permanently use the saddle bracket for this setup though. It just boxes the system in so that it won’t slide forward. It is available to me then for tandem paddling or heavy loads.

Safe paddling …


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Owner Review of Wavewalk Kayak, by Paul Harrison, Mississippi

Paul has already contributed to this blog an early review and trips reports with great pictures. He posted this new review on a local online kayak fishing forum because a covert competitor of Wavewalk was trashing the W500 there while making untrue statements in order to promote their own brand. Says Paul –“Makes me nuts when people post on something they have never seen …”

Wavewalk Owner Experience

Spotted a thread on the Wavewalk and thought I would toss out my experience with it.

I am a 2+ years owner of a model W500 Wavewalk kayak. I am 52 yrs old, about 5’10”, and unfortunately about 200lbs. I am of modest athletic ability. I love the water, paddling, fishing, and also powerboats. I live on a bayou off the Mississippi Sound so I get to paddle 2-3 times a week in the summer and 1-2 times a week in the winter. Not necessarily because it is cold in the winter but because the days are shorter. My kayak is scarred and scratched up but still going strong. I have paddled marsh, bays, swamps, creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds, ditches, and the open MS Sound here in my area.

Stability of the Wavewalk is amazing (and yes stability is important for people that value safety and security and have bills to pay). It is a true catamaran with two full length hulls, that you stand in or sit between, and a center seat or “saddle” about 6ft long (sort of like a jetski seat). My favorite paddling position is standing. I can standup paddle easily for up to about an hour. A favorite is paddling standing up in 2-3 ft waves/rollers just for fun. Get tired or too rough then just sit down. Needless to say, with this stability fishing is easy standing or sitting. Get really tired, make a pillow from a towel and stretch out for a nap (in the kayak). When paddling standing it also easier to sight fish and navigate our marsh grass here in MS. I only paddle sitting to increase speed or due to needing to change posture. No worries either with submerged stumps or logs that used to scare me in a canoe. Just straddle them or shift your weight around until you get over them. It’s like four wheel drive.

The seat/saddle is well above the water. I never wear swim clothes unless I want to swim. No wet feet and no wet butt. Launch without stepping in the water or mud. I can easily “seal launch” straight off the bank if the situation allows. The seat is very comfortable due to being able to change your position very easily. My limit on being on the water is how long do I want to paddle, not how does my back feel or am I tired of being wet. Four to six hours would be no problem with enough food and water. I also like being up out of the water due to presence of gators in areas I paddle. I want that extra distance and separation, and not having my elbows/hands so close to the water!

It is very easy to maneuver. Need to turn short? sit toward the back of the saddle so that the front tips of the hull are out of the water and it turns on a dime. Want to track? Sit toward the middle and it goes straight and cuts into wind or current without a separate rudder. In a tight spot? Turn your body on the saddle 180 degrees and paddle it out “backwards” (it doesn’t have a true stern or bow). It paddles very efficiently in my opinion with good carry/momentum from each stroke. I am not a racer mind you but I have also not had that “barge” feeling.

The kayak is super easy to rig, easy to carry, easy to transport. I can carry a lot more stuff than I need, and I usually do.

That’s enough … sorry for going on but it is the best recreation and exercise dollar I have spent in a long time. I don’t have anything negative to say about any other machine because I have not used them! Just know what has worked for me.

Paul Harrison, Mississippi

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Some pictures from Paul’s earlier reviews and stories:

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Rigging my kayak for stand up fishing in bayous and bays, by Paul Harrison, Mississippi

I have found my W500 to be a source of great enjoyment whether fishing, exploring backwaters, lakes, and rivers, or paddling in the open Mississippi Sound or bays.

The attached photos detail how I have my kayak rigged at this time.
I have landed on simpler is better.
I used stiff aluminum wire to make the two paddle holders (no holes required).
I standup paddle with the extra long single blade paddle shown (it is a convertible that I can make two blade if desired) and usually also keep a two blade paddle in the holders if needed for covering water in a hurry (I guess sort of a “low gear” and “high gear”).
I can usually track fairly straight paddling with the single blade on one side using what I think is called a guide stroke. I get a lot less paddle drip in the cockpit that way too. The extra long single blade paddle also lets me get a lot of leverage and power on the paddle.
I made the inboard “accessory rack” from a pine shelving board with a triple coat of paint.
I currently have just the two adjustable rod holders attached but plan to put a cup holder on there and maybe mount a depth finder. It is pushed forward on top of the seat, and “jammed” under the decks, with a single stainless bolt with fender washers just to secure it. If I am casting I paddle with the rod holders to the stern (ie, at my back), if I troll I will switch around and put the rod holders forward and put a line out either side of the boat. The yellow anchor line is just in a storage position which keeps it out from under my feet.
I used the aluminum wire again and a couple of the spray skirt clips to make the anchor line storage arrangement shown. I will also put out a 5-gal bucket as a drift anchor on this line if I want to move along but very slowly. You may see the black dock line on the bow/starboard. It is coiled and attached to one of the pad eyes with a velcro strip. I find the dock line useful for a variety of situations.

Thank you for this truly innovative vessel! It is the best boating investment I have ever made and it sees more action than any other I’ve had. And isn’t that the point?

Ocean Springs, MS

Fishing kayak with DIY paddle holders, convertible stand-up paddle, and rod rack

DIY rod rack with two deck mounted rod holders

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First Impressions From W500 Fishing Kayak – Paul Harrison, Mississippi

I’m very satisfied so far.

First trip straight to the Gulf of Mexico beach near Biloxi, MS. Practiced in a protected cove for 30 minutes or so, no problems with launching, beaching, and seated paddling (of course I’ve read all the advice and observations of others). Very stable and secure and comfortable. Will need to practice tight radius turning. Then out past the rock jetty into 1 to 2 ft choppy waves. No problems there either, straight on or side on to the waves … with the wind and waves, or against, no big problems. On way back into the cove did a little standup paddling. Was successful but practice will be needed here too for secure fishing and paddling. Amazingly there were 100s of people at the beach but no other paddlers. Guess they didn’t want to get wet and cold (water still warming up). Not a problem for me.

Next took W500 about 4.5 hrs north of MS coast to a remote wildlife preserve lake filled with cypress trees and logs. Beautiful day. Launched across a pile of floating logs and limbs at the bank and slid right over them without wetting my feet. Did a little fishing with no luck due to muddy water conditions. Great paddling, will need to decide anchor scheme so I can stay on a promising spot with less trouble in wind or current. Can really see that the W500 is comfortable and fun to paddle, but it’s real strength is allowing the average person to do OTHER things on the water like fish, hunt, explore, wildlife & bird watching, camp, etc. It will be great for river and beach cleanup days that are held in our area, due to its mobility, stability, and payload. A lot of fun and scenic river float trips are in our area too that I look forward to.

Paddled the bayou behind my home for the first time today and was able to have a comfortable standup session of about 30 minutes with no problem. Nice to see what is going on out ahead, fish tailing, birds, etc. Great exercise too.

BTW, it’s not very cool but my first kayak paddle is two 5ft (cheap) wooden canoe paddles spliced together, overlapped about 1ft, with two hose clamps. I can adjust the length until I decide what length paddle I really need. Total cost about $6 (already had the two paddles).

thanks … Paul

fishing kayak at cypress grove, MississippiMy W500 fishing kayak at Cypress Grove

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Wavewalk® 500 Reviews

Wavewalk launched the 500 series in May of 2009.
Currently, there are over two hundred Wavewalk® 500 reviews listed on this page.
Per our company policy, each Wavewalk® 500 review features the full name and state of the person who contributed it, as well as pictures.
We consider anonymous reviews and ones posted under an alias as being not trustworthy.
A review can be useful under the conditions that its author paid for the kayak they review, that they actually use it, and that they fully disclose their identity as a regular client or a reseller.
We disapprove of reviews authored by anyone who’s paid to write kayak reviews, whether directly or indirectly (e.g. through advertising on their website).

A Wavewalk® 500 owner may have contributed more than one review – For example, an Initial Review written shortly after they have received their kayak, and a Comprehensive Review after having outfitted it for fishing and used it over months or years.
An owner of a Wavewalk® 500 may also review it as a Hunting Kayak, and write a separate review of their boat as a Kayak for Children, or a Fishing Kayak. In some cases, we will publish both reviews, and if we don’t, the reader can find more stories and reviews from that by searching their name, or by contacting us.

Typically, our dealers are Wavewalk fans, they use the kayaks they buy from us personally for paddling, fishing, hunting and motorizing, and they don’t resell other kayaks. All of the above qualifies them as reviewers.

List of Wavewalk® 500 Reviews

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