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A little nice trip, by Chris Henderson

My wife and I went out to Clear Lake (pierce co) and had a nice little fish.
We got on the water around 8 and left by noonish to be able to get home for the Seahawks’ game.

Kept 4 Kokanee (landlocked sockeye salmon), did a couple of long distance releases (kokanee are crazy fighters), and threw back some dinkers (next years fish).
Fish were in the 12 inch range and still in great condition.
Wavewalk with a downrigger is a great combination. They are stable enough that you do not feel uncomfortable when you have to mess with them to deploy or retrieve the downrigger.
We used a little flasher and a wedding ring creation on the business end, and were trolling with our downriggers at about 30 feet.
The other thing I love about the wavewalk is that you can troll at 1.5 -2 mph forever with very little effort on a calm lake.

Good times!





Susan Clear Lake 9-21-2014



Mt. Rainier through the morning marine layer. Bad pic but I was fishing!


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Trying to get a Chinook Salmon but no luck yet, by Chris Henderson

It has been a rough summer for getting out fishing for me. Between wedding, family trips, and my Suburban down, my fishing has been limited. However, I was able to get out yesterday.
I waited for the tide to switch and got out at about 1pm. I put in at Sunrise beach park and trolled to the Narrows park. (about 6.5 miles.) My plan was just to go to Gig Harbor, but the wind was calm and I thought I could make it all the way to the narrows before the tide switch. There is a very strong current at the Narrows so paddling against it was not going to be possible for any length of time so it was pretty important that I make it or I would have to go the 4 miles back to Gig Harbor.

Stayed in the 80-110 foot range trolling at 69 feet with my downrigger at 1.8-2.0 mph. Of course having a 4lb weight with 69 feet of cable makes for a bit of resistance so a bit more than just a casual paddle. Had just one hit but just took part of the bait and did not hook up.

Great paddle with the only exciting bit being a gravel barge that decided to go under the bridge far right (when facing south) and I had to start early and work hard to get to the shore side of him. As it was he passed with in 25 yards and threw a complicated tall wake. But the Wavewalk did great.



Tacoma Narrows bridges



Tacoma Narrows bridges



View on Tacoma’s Commencement bay


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Just a little fishing report, by Chris Henderson

Got the Wavewalk out on a small lake near our home.
The weather was mixed but the fish were willing.
Was able to stack the downrigger. That means that you fish with two different lines off of the downrigger but at different depths. Kokanee (land locked sockeye salmon) swim in schools and usually hold in specific depths which is dependent on water temperature. Today the fish were at at 28-30 foot level and at 38-44 feet down. I was able to troll one line at 37 feet and one line staked ten feet up at about 28 feet. If patient it can be done well but can be a tangle fest if you are not careful.

The downrigger is an awesome tool on the Wavewalk if you are wanting to put your lure right where the fish are.

In any event, I finally got a limit of Kokanee all in the 12 inch range.

Another good fishing trip.



kokanee-clear-lake -limit-06-2014


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Family fishing day, by Chris Henderson

Every year our church does a “Family Fishing Day”. We go out to Horseshoe lake in Kitsap county and take all manor of things that float and spend the day fishing. This year we were able to bring some Wavewalks so people could try them out!
We plan it in conjunction with the Washington free fishing weekend, so that adults who have gotten out of going fishing, or never tried it, can go fishing without cost.
We bring all the poles we can find and have lots of gear for everyone to use.
Between the ever present bluegill, less prevalent (this year) yellow perch, and the stocker trout, everyone caught fish and had a great time.
It is so fun letting kids catch their first fish!
Even got to try out some umbrella sailing.



Everything is under control!



Two anglers and one paddler, and plenty of room left in this fishing kayak



A very young apprentice, an angler, and a paddler – all in the same fishing kayak…



Gig Harbor Fishing Kayaks’ armada


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Umbrella rig for downwind sailing while trolling, by Chris Henderson

Just a note to show you my umbrella rig. I was needing some forward momentum while I deployed the downrigger. So I figured that if I turned down wind that should solve the problem. However, when you deploy the downrigger you necessarily have to be in the front of the kayak which causes it to turn into the wind, thus defeating my purpose.

I saw someone on here that regularly used an umbrella but I needed mine to be hands free.

So this umbrella rig fixes that, with the added bonus of being able to troll down wind without paddling. I will be looking for a clear golf umbrella for the final rig.

Having used it in very light winds, I can actually see how it can actually be used to make some great progress if the wind is right.

Just thought I would share as part of the ongoing conversation about the unique ways to equip and use a Wavewalk kayak!

Loving the Wavewalk!


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