On board my S4 offshore commercial fishing motor kayak

By Travis Lee N. California I’m a commercial fishing kayak, and I fish the ocean off the coast. I rigged my S4 with a motor and a big cooler, and it works for me. Over all very happy. I landed 7 halibut in 2 hours today. I transport my S4 on top of my minivan. … Continue reading “On board my S4 offshore commercial fishing motor kayak”


This page features links to reviews of the Wavewalk S4 that some of our clients have contributed since we launched it May of 2017. The S4 proved to be the world’s most stable kayak, and the fastest motorized kayak. Our clients acclaim it as a most seaworthy and comfortable high-performance portable boat for offshore fishing, … Continue reading “WAVEWALK® S4 REVIEWS”

Wavewalk® 500 Reviews

Wavewalk launched the 500 series in May of 2009.Currently, there are over two hundred Wavewalk® 500 reviews listed on this page.Per our company policy, each Wavewalk® 500 review features the full name and state of the person who contributed it, as well as pictures.We consider anonymous reviews and ones posted under an alias as being … Continue reading “Wavewalk® 500 Reviews”