Wavewalk® 700 Reviews

Wavewalk launched the 700 series near the end of the 2015 season, in late August of 2015.There are dozens of full featured Wavewalk® 700 reviews listed on this page.Per our company policy, each Wavewalk® 700 review includes the full name and state of the person who contributed it, as well as pictures. We consider anonymous … Continue reading “Wavewalk® 700 Reviews”

“Bonefish”, my customized, motorized Wavewalk 700

By Rem Seil Florida Completely satisfied with my W700, nicknamed “Bonefish” I put an electric 46# thrust electric motor on my W700, which gives me just under 4 knots speed. Perfect for the short distance backwater fishing I do. Went a total of 14 knots the other day (measured by iPhone app Navionics which can … Continue reading ““Bonefish”, my customized, motorized Wavewalk 700″


Outfitting and Rigging Your Wavewalk® We’ve stopped updating this section of our website due to the over abundance of new material. Simply, these days, nearly every new Wavewalk user motorize their Wavewalk, and this is especially true with the new W700 that we launched in 2015, and the S4 models that we launched in 2017. … Continue reading “Outfitting”