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And the best touring kayak is: the W500… by John Fabina

We decided to explore a part of the Oconomowoc River we have never been on before. Right from the start we had to cross over some logs. This was good…. I knew we would have this part of the river to ourselves.

Throughout this stretch traditional canoes and kayaks would not be able to navigate obstacles. With a Wavewalk kayak simply slide yourself to the rear of the kayak, paddle up on the partially submerged log, shimmy or paddle a bit until you feel you have centered the kayak, slide yourself to the front of the kayak and paddle or shimmy to the other side. WARNING: do not attempt this with a traditional kayak with a rounded hull… you will flip over.
It was a fun day and made possible by Wavewalk kayaks. We saw three deer, all sorts of big birds, and had the entire stretch of the river to ourselves – on a Saturday!


Touring previously inaccessible waters – John paddling his kayak through submerged and above-water obstacles

All-Water Touring – Jeanne paddling her W kayak over fallen trees

John goes through a part of the Oconomowoc river that’s inaccessible to other kayaks

Jeanne touring the Oconomowoc river in a W fishing kayak that happens to be the world’s best Touring kayak as well…

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Republic Sportsman’s Club fishing derby, Republic, Michigan, by John Fabina

This weekend, we headed up to a fishing tourney on the Michigamme River, in Michigan Upper Peninsula.
As always, Wavewalk kayaks attracted a lot of attention. I love talking to people about these super kayaks.
We didn’t catch any whoppers but we had fun with the “Yoopers”, and we got some Northern Pike action. Eagles in the sky added to the beauty of the day.


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