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Nice bluefish for Art, by Gary Rankel

Dick Sherman, Art Myjak and I hooked into a few nice reds today but couldn’t bring them in.
Art got a nice bluefish right as we were calling it a day. He was sitting way back on the saddle causing the rear end of his kayak to lay low in the water. I guess it’s not a problem as long as a power boat doesn’t make a large wake nearby, but it looks kind of strange.





PS — Art just sent me a couple of pictures he took yesterday and Monday while we were out fishing that I’m sure you’ll find interesting. One shows what happens to gators when they try messing around with us Wavewalkers. The other shows a pair of adult dolphins with a calf in between. Pretty neat shots, I think.



Photo: Art Mijak


Photo: Art Mijak

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Two Firsts at Ozello, by Gary Rankel

We had another nice day in Ozello.
Art got one of the bigger trout of the year, and I had two firsts – a flounder and then a mullet on a walk-the-dog lure.
Unfortunately for me, Art didn’t want to trade his trout for a mullet and flounder.


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Nice fishing trip with uneven results, by Gary Rankel

Bob Smaldone and Art Myjak hit the water with me at first light in Ozello yesterday.
Bob got a nice over-slot redfish that Art got a nice shot of, and Art got 2 under-slot reds.
I had a big red crash down on my topwater lure twice but missed both times (darn-it).
I did manage a few small trout.
The wind kicked up in the late morning so we were glad to have our Wavewalks to facilitate the paddle back.
I also had to attach a picture I took Monday of a fellow fishing off a pier in the Ozello area who enjoyed the company of a friendly blue heron looking for scraps.


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Bob posing with his redfish
Photo: Art Myjak


Two fishers on the dock


Another Ozello kayak fishing trip, by Gary Rankel

Art and I fished Ozello again yesterday.
I got a few trout and a rare nice mackerel that are migrating through the area.
I took a couple of shots of Art preparing to negotiate the infamous Ozello Culvert (we made it through against a good current again).
I also got a couple of shots of Art’s homemade extension he uses to haul his W around.

A shot Art of me holding a nice seatrout


A mackerel visiting my kayak…



Nice and easy!

art-paddling-his-kayak-towards-the-culvert art-paddling-his-kayak-towards-the-culvert (2)

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