Finally caught a fish

Kevin with nice redfish
By Kevin Eastman

So, long time with little fishing or kayaking, but I am finally getting back on the water.

We had flood tides at my favorite secret, not so secret flat near sunset last week. Unfortunately it was too windy to take advantage of them most days but finally the wind laid down and I got out for a quick sunset trip in my W500. The water wasn’t real high but good enough to pole into the flooded grass flats. I saw a few tails wagging which was exciting since I haven’t fished the floods in the last two years. I missed the first two fish I had shots at but managed to stick the third tail I saw with a well placed cast, perfectly timed twitch of my fly, and a bit of luck. I made the cast from the platform and enjoyed a spirited fight for a few minutes while managing not to fall overboard. I released her after a little photo shoot and poled of the flats with the sun setting over a smile on my face 😀


One thought on “Finally caught a fish”

  1. Finally! 🙂

    Thanks Kevin,
    This smile tells it all.

    It looks like getting out on the water may indeed be the right thing to do if you want to catch fish…


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