W500 kayak for wildlife photography – My first 2020 trip

W500 kayak for wildlife photography

By John Fabina

Hope all is well!
We had a gorgeous day here in Wisconsin yesterday, 78 degrees. So I decided to put the Wavewalk 500 in the back of my pick up and head out to the Oconomowoc river with my camera gear. Don’t try this with a regular kayak! Wavewalk kayaks are the perfect platform for photographers!
Please visit https://pixels.com/profiles/john-fabina for more images.

I hope to be fishing soon!



4 thoughts on “W500 kayak for wildlife photography – My first 2020 trip”

  1. Thanks John,

    Looks great, and sounds perfect 🙂

    I very much recommend visiting your page on pixels.com. It’s amazing.


  2. Hey, John……..haven’t heard from you in awhile. Glad you’re managing to escape the panademic to get out and paddle around cheesehead country. I’m doing the same in the Florida back country fishing for snook and redfish, from another W500. At least we know that the critters you photograph and the fish I catch can’t give us the dreaded virus.

    Stay safe.

  3. Thanks John…I needed that.

    Beautiful pictures, hoping to get out myself soon, these
    sure are some crazy times……

    Stay Safe everyone.

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