My first turtle…

Turtle caught by kayak angler

By Gary Rankel

I rarely take out my camera while fishing in my Wavewalk anymore, having already taken more pictures of my adventures on the water than I can organize, however, I had to do so yesterday after hauling in my first turtle. It took over a half hour to get it along side, but I managed to unhook it with no problem
I think it broke the speed record for turtle swimming after it was set free.

5 thoughts on “My first turtle…”

  1. I’m not sure this species is on the endangered list so I was happy to unhook it and watch it swim away unharmed. A couple of years ago I caught a pretty big ray on its fin as well, but had to cut my line after fighting it for an hour and bringing it alongside. Fortunately, I haven’t hooked into a manatee or dolphin yet, or they may tow me across the Gulf over to Houston.

  2. Gary,

    If such thing happens, you’d be the first person to have traversed the Gulf of Mexico in a Wavewalk kayak 😀


  3. Not sure about this, Gary. People have done some pretty crazy things in kayaks, including crossing the Atlantic, or at least trying to.
    Over the years, I’ve been approached by all sorts of adventurers, thrill seekers, and fame seekers who offered to perform all sorts of extreme feats in a Wavewalk kayak, and I responded to all of them that I don’t like the idea of risking one’s life for such a cause…
    Lives matter.


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