Fishing with my Wavewalk 500 from South Texas to the Dry Tortugas

W500 kayak fishing offshore in the Gulf of Mexico
By Kevin Glass


I’ve been enjoying the wavewalk 500.
Since receiving the kayak it has been fishing from South Texas to the Dry Tortugas. The only modifications that has been added is a set of outriggers, since I spend a great amount of time standing while fishing.
I have had two back surgeries and find extremely difficult to sit with my feet out in from of my hips for long periods. But fishing from the Wavewalk 500 can be an all day enjoyable adventure for me. Thanks again for developing this Kayak.

W500 fishing kayak at Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas islands


2 thoughts on “Fishing with my Wavewalk 500 from South Texas to the Dry Tortugas”

  1. Cool!
    Thanks Kevin,
    It feels good to know that you’re enjoying your W500 despite your physical disability.
    With all this offshore fishing, something tells me that sometime in the not too far future you’ll motorize your W500, or switch to a bigger model 🙂
    Great pictures!


  2. So glad the W500 has got you back out there fishing.

    I know that physical limits can be a hassle, Wavewalk Kayaks got me back
    on the water!

    The Wavewalk W500, W700 (I own both) I have them both set up
    for paddling, or adding the motor for bigger waters and long paddles.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.

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