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Kayak fishing article in Florida Sports Fishing magazine, by Gary Rankel

Gary, a retired biologist who specialized in fisheries management, has been a Wavewalk kayaks fisherman for over a decade, and he is the author of the much acclaimed book Kayak Fishing Citrus County. Gary recently published a new article, and this time in the Safe Boating section of the September-October issue of the popular Florida Sport Fishing magazine (page 128).

Gary’s partly serious partly humoristic article is entitled “Kayaking Codgers – Confirming Age is Just a Number”. In this article, Gary describes his experience fishing from a Wavewalk 500, and the benefits that people who use it enjoy, in particular those who are not very athletic, and/or suffer from physical limitations and disabilities, such as back problems, old age, excessive weight, etc.

Gary himself, who’s in his late seventies, still paddles his W500 regularly, but he’s already doing some preliminary studying of electric trolling motors, just in case he feels like motorizing, sometime in the future.

Gary’s new article brings forward an interesting point, which is that the vast majority of potential kayak anglers are ill served by Sit-In and SOT kayaks, in the sense that all these kayaks work only for people who are both young and physically fit. The patented Wavewalk is the exception in this field, since it is back pain free, and does not create other negative effects such as leg numbness.

Over the years, Gary has given dozens of lectures on kayak fishing, and he has met hundreds, if not thousands of kayak anglers, as well as people who simply can’t fish out of common kayak, so his observations on these subjects carry a lot of weight.

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2 thoughts on “New article by Gary Rankel”

  1. Great read Gary, glad your hand didn’t get infected.

    I’m on the side lines waiting to fish, fell on the 16th in the river
    and tore my knee open…ended up in the hospital with a bad infection.
    Home and on the mend itching to fish.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

  2. Hi Rox,

    I’m very sorry to hear about your accident, and I hope you’ll recover quickly, and get back on the saddle of your W500 or W700 ASAP.

    Take care,


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