Wavewalk kayaks Made in SC

Two rotational molds of Wavewalk kayak on one machine

Our molders in SC report that molding is going well, and the results are good.

The amazing image above shows the W500 and W700 molds attached to the same arm on DPI’s new roto-molding machine. The chamber seen in the picture is the oven in which the machine rotates the molds simultaneously.

Wavewalk 700 kayak molded in SC
Wavewalk 700 made in SC
Wavewalk 500 kayak made in SC
Wavewalk 500 Made in SC

5 thoughts on “Wavewalk kayaks Made in SC”

  1. Wow, that’s one heck of a machine!

    So then after this step, they trim out the top and add
    the floatation seat/hull?

    It would be cool to see the whole process from start to finish
    on the production line. 🙂

    Looking good Yoav!!

  2. Hi Rox,

    Yes, that’s pretty much it. After the oven, they cool the mold in a cooling chamber, take the kayak out, remove the top, trim, and assemble.


  3. Gary,

    We checked this possibility, namely to make a 500 model built the way the 700 and S4 models are built.
    The conclusion was that it would have made the W500 heavier by 10 lbs, while restricting the space in its hulls.
    Neither are issues with the large size W700 and S4, but both would have been problematic for the small W500.
    Price wise, a 2 piece W500 would have forced us to increase the retail price of this product by several hundred dollars.

    Bottom line I – It’s a no go.
    Bottom line II – The original and existing W500 is very lightweight and inexpensive for a catamaran with a load capacity of 360 lbs 🙂


  4. I understand, Yoav……I wouldn’t trade my 500 for a bigger model, but did really like the 2 piece construction of the 700.

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