A Nice Inshore Slam Today

redfish in kayak

By Gary Rankel

Got a nice trout, snook, redfish slam today, so got the camera out.  The trout was small but the red and snook were definitely photo-worthy.    Too bad I couldn’t have landed these last week during our tournament.  I’d surely have won first prize.  Oh well – – better late than never.  

snook caught in Wavewalk 500 kayak

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7 thoughts on “A Nice Inshore Slam Today”

  1. Thanks, Yoav………I always take my camera along, but usually take pictures only when I catch something a bit special. I had to wade and push through ankle deep mud for a distance to get to the deep pools, and your paddle made the job easy (you need to call it a paddling push-pole).

  2. 😀
    Well, the official name of this paddle is Wavewalk PSP, which stands for Paddling Standing Poling (if I remember correctly…)
    Jeff McGovern once said about this paddle that it feels like a garden implement – sturdy and dependable.
    It’s been around for 15 years now, unchanged, since it does what our clients need it for.


  3. Haven’t heard from Jeff in ages – hope he’s not too busy chasing bugs around, and is still getting out on the water.

  4. It seems like these days Jeff fishes mostly from shore, except when he’s on his annual fishing trip in Canada.

  5. Nice job Gary, those are some very healthy looking fish.

    Can’t wait to see more. it’s going to be game on up here In Ct Soon.

    Tight Lines and Mopaddle Safe All!

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