My Wavewalk 500 outfitted for sailing and rowing

Wavewalk 500 kayak review - sailing and rowing

By Barefoot


I rigged the W500 to row or sail and can add my 30 pound trolling motor if the wind continues to quit too far away for an easy row back. A pair of smaller sealed batteries are perfect for twin hulls, and sitting a couple of inches forward balance it all.
A cross bar gives the oarlocks a four-foot spread and removes with two hand knobs, so the boat passes through the back door. It goes in my Honda with the front seat folded and rolls on a pair of 9” tires from (something) tucked between the hulls on PVC pipe held up by bungee cords.
A box like your motor mount is the base for a 45 square foot Snark lateen sail I had, and drops down about as far as the big foam noodles underneath. Those even match the ones around the coaming, which are smaller, so I can get my big feet between them and the seat!

3 thoughts on “My Wavewalk 500 outfitted for sailing and rowing”

  1. Thanks Barefoot!

    Looks like a fun boat 🙂

    Adding a “just in case” motor is definitely something we recommend, since wind power is great when it cooperates with you, but no so much when it works against you, or when it’s not there anymore…

    People who go in the ocean or on big lakes in small craft should be more aware of the fact that things are in constant change out there, and sometimes not to our advantage, and that could mean big trouble.

    A kayak or canoe that relies solely on human power is under-powered by definition.


  2. You or others interested in sailing might want to check out the Radio Flyer wagon umbrella which has a stong clamp that can be clipped on anywhere along the W rim and adjusted in any direction. They’re not real big but 2 of them can be mounted side by side to give a nice boost for paddling. They may be a bit hard to find – not sure if they’re still being produced.

  3. Gary,

    I remember your experiments with umbrella sailing. That looked easy and it was fun to see!
    The advantage of a Lateen sailing rig such as Barefoot has on his W500 is that it offers you to sail upwind, and not just downwind.


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