The perfect boat tender: Wavewalk S4 in a dinghy role

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Wavewalk Adentures of Key Largo


We took the Wavewalks out sailing again and my wife got pics on her phone.


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  1. fish

    Thanks Larry,

    Glad to see that you and Carlene enjoy sailing this S4.

    The Wavewalk S4 is a most accomplished boat tender, covering classic tender applications such as transportation and life boat, touring (motorized or in a paddling mode – canoe and kayak style), sailing, diving, fishing, etc.
    Unmatched both in utility and fun!
    The S4 is easy to tow behind another boat –
    boat tender being towed behind a big boat - Wavewalk S4
    When needed, the S4 can even tow a big boat:


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