My kayak paddling and fishing therapy

By John Fabina


I had an unfortunate accident this spring that resulted in my hand being crushed. After surgery and pins, my hand is expected to make a full recovery.
Physical therapy was challenging but necessary to return my hand to normal. After a month or so I was able to begin kayaking again in my Wavewalk. The therapist was impressed at my improvement. I explained how paddling seemed to improve my hand strength and dexterity. My surgeon confirmed that it was perfect therapy for many reasons, the most important was that it was an activity I enjoyed.
As time went on , later this summer I was able to fish again. Back to exploring new waters, this time a remote lake in Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I found a few bucketmouths and pike. It was great to be fishing and exploring in my Wavewalk again!




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5 thoughts on “My kayak paddling and fishing therapy”

  1. Thank you John,

    This is a great story about courage and perseverance that can help many people who’ve become disabled.
    I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better now, and gaining the upper hand 🙂

    And the fish look great, as always 😀


  2. Sorry about the hand, John – glad it’s getting back to normal.

    That Rapala in the bass’ mouth looks just like the one I use down here for reds / snook.

    Go Pack!

  3. It’s a J11 jointed Rapala, one of my favs for fishing backwaters and rivers in the U.P.

  4. So sorry about your hand John, glad all is going well with therapy.

    I bet being able to get out on 9/11 to fish, and to remember our fallen hero’s and
    those who risked all to help save those in need.
    Every 9/11 you will find me on or in the water fishing, my Therapy, my Freedom and prayers
    go out to all.

    God Bless, and Thank You for your service John.

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