Wave walking around the neighborhood

Just a short video shot while driving my S4 around the corner…


Couple observations –
This 6 HP outboard is no 10 HP, and this 8″ pitch prop is no 9″ pitch 😀
Driving this little boat in the chop is super easy and fun, whether it’s against the wind, in lateral waves, or in a following sea.

11 thoughts on “Wave walking around the neighborhood”

  1. Yoav,

    No matter what the horsepower, being out on the ocean during reasonable weather in any of the Wavewalk vessels is a joyful way to spend the day. The S4 is especially comfortable. Your wheels/spray shield combo is perfect for launching from your backyard. Enjoy!

    Larry J.

  2. Larry,

    This wheel cart is pretty useful indeed.
    The craftsmanship leaves much to be desired, but since this is just a prototype 😉



  3. OK, Yoav………when r u going to take a couple of fishing rods along on your jaunts? There’s gotta be a few stripers or bluefish swimming around up there.

  4. Yes Gary, there are plenty of fish here, and we even get to see some of them taking aerial trips with ospreys 🙂
    Last time I was in Key Largo, Larry gave me a fishing rod and a can of shrimp, and I managed to catch some fish. It was fun, but I lack Patience, which seems to be a fundamental requirement from fishers…


  5. Great video Yoav.

    That’s what I was thinking too guys, Stripers, Black Bass a whole bunch of fish to be caught.

    Oh, you lost Patience in Key Largo fishing???

    Wait till you see and if you get a pole, fish smashing the surface chasing bait.

    Cast a Top water lure out and work it over the Fish..BAMMMMM and hold on for a good fight!!!

    You’ll never lose your patience again.

    It will be replaced by the antisapation of the Next TOP WATER STRIKE!!………………………………BAM!!!! 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

  6. 😀


    I guess it’s hard for someone who’s patient (e.g. a seasoned angler) to imagine what it’s like to be without patience 🙂


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