Driving my Wavewalk S4 through Sargassum seaweed

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Wavewalk Adventures Key Largo

The S4 never stopped moving.


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  1. fish

    Thanks Larry,

    It’s sad so see Garden Cove looking like this, but your movie is yet another testament to this boat’s unusual capabilities.


  2. fish

    No surface drive… no mud motor… just a regular 10 HP outboard 😀

  3. PackerYaker

    Hey Larry……..I have no problem getting my 500 over annual summer floating weed invasion using my human motor rather than a mechanical one. However, I can’t say the same for my topwater lures, which will have to be replaced by the subsurface variety for the nest few months.

    Fingers crossed for no more Big Blows this year.

  4. Bassman


    Try Texas rigging a white pearl Zoom Fluke or your fav color Senko worm and cast it so the line crosses a hole in the surface weed. Retrieve the Texas rigged soft lure across the top of the dense pond weed. Usually, you will get a hit when the lure drops in the opening. Then, you might hook a fish with a lot of salad included. The Sargassum weed is not so good inshore…

    Larry J.

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