No more W500 F

Today Wavewalk stopped offering the F model in the 500 series.
The W500 F featured two flush mounted rod holders, and it was an iconic product for almost a decade.
But flush mount rod holders are less popular these days, and our rotational molders asked us to make their job easier by simplifying our product line.
Years ago, Rox discovered the clamp mounted rod holders, and since then we’ve been advising our clients to use these detachable and versatile rod holders instead of the fixed flush mounted ones, and indeed, these days most of them do.
This advice has become more relevant in recent years, as a growing number of Wavewalk users outfit it with a motor, and no longer use the flush mount rod holders installed at the back of its cockpit, since rod holders and motors don’t go together well when they occupy the same place.

So, from now on, Wavewalk offers three kayak models: The W500 R, W700 R, and S4.
No more W500 F

We will keep offering the Tite-Lok clamp mount rod holders as an optional accessory with all our kayak models.








  1. PackerYaker

    Sorry to hear that, Yoav. The flush mounted rod holders are, by far, the best way to go for anglers like me who fish while paddling. Fortunately, I have two 500s with them installed.

  2. fish

    I see what you mean Gary, but remember that anyone who wants to have flush mount rod holders on their Wavewalk can install them by themselves.


  3. PackerYaker

    Right, Yoav…..given my limited handyman skills, I would prefer having them done by a professional. Last time I checked, 2 flush mounted holders installed at one of our local kayak dealers would run $150 (that’s what Jai paid for having them done on his 700 several months ago). I wouldn’t mind the extra cost, but other prospective buyers might.

  4. fish

    $150 is a ripoff.
    For this price he could have gotten three clamp mount rod holders, and get some change.
    He could have attached two of them in the back of his W700 cockpit, and use the third one anywhere along the cockpit.

  5. RoxCT

    Not a bad move at all Yoav.

    Those flush mounted rod holders would get in the way when stowing gear, and fill with water at times and leak into the hulls.

    Those Tite-Lock rod holders are the best.

    You can set them in any position, and they are great for trolling while paddling or motoring. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

  6. fish

    Thanks Rox 🙂


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