4 lbs large mouth bass with lots of salad

By Robbie Cairl

Here is an interesting photo from this summer. My friend was panicking because I said I am releasing the fish if he takes a picture or not. He somehow had it in panoramic mode which caused the odd double exposure. A nice 4 lb large mouth with a huge side of salad as you can see!

I got a small, 30 lb thrust electric trolling motor and crudely attached it to my W500. I only used it twice and now wish I had gotten a slightly more powerful motor. It really didn’t do the job against a steady Connecticut River current, I will guess 2 knots. However it handles great and pushes me about twice as fast as my friends paddling their yaks.

Now the new S4 video is amazing! Some day I will bite the bullet and get a gas powered motor. My friend has a 2 horse on his jon boat, and not only does it fly it is so quiet you needn’t raise your voice to converse while running full speed. I still want the exercise I get from paddling though so the motor is just for getting me longer distances.

My oldest granddaughter will be 3 this summer and I am dying to get her on the water!


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2 thoughts on “4 lbs large mouth bass with lots of salad”

  1. Thanks Robbie,

    Interesting picture indeed! 😀

    Wavewalk’s rule of thumb on electric motors is that they work for shorter trips and flat water, and we recommend outboard gas motors for longer trips and moving water.
    Personally, I’d say that if I had to choose between electric and gas, I’d go for the latter.


  2. Congrats on some great fishing on the Ct River.

    Yep, get a gas outboard, that will get you moving along on the CT River.
    I use 3 different motors, 1.2 gamefisher, 2.2 Merc, 2.2 Yamaha. 🙂

    Tight lines and MOPaddle safe all.

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