Albacore fishing from my Wavewalk S4

By Mike Silva


Review of a Wavewalk S4 motor boat with a 6 HP outboard, and three anglers fishing standing in it

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  1. fish


    Thanks Mike, you’re a champ! 🙂


  2. fish

    And thanks to the photographer too! 😀

  3. Bassman

    Offshore is where the S4 & outboard combo excels!

    Mike, is that a bait bucket plugged into a saddle support hole?

    Good idea. Fine fish.

    Larry J.

  4. RoxCT


    Albacore’s in the S4 Wavewalk is an amazing fishing machine.
    Like your bait bucket holder.

    Congrats on a great trip.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  5. Jill Toler

    Mike, I know this reply is late but, I have caught albacore on the fly in a boat and it is no easy task. Much respect for catching and landing one in a Wavewalk.

  6. fish

    Mike is a phenomenal angler, undoubtedly 🙂


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