DIY hard top cockpit cover for my Wavewalk 500

By Boyd Smith

Ontario, Canada

I love my hard top. It has a removable middle section and permanent raised seats at either end. I can store equipment in the boat while traveling and it provides security for the contents when I am not there.



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3 thoughts on “DIY hard top cockpit cover for my Wavewalk 500”

  1. Thanks Boyd,

    This is impressive!
    Looks like it would keep even raccoons out of your W500 🙂


  2. I like that idea, never thought of making a cover like that.

    Perfect for storing everything you need, with added security of a
    locking Top, and the bonus storage, seats, deck for Sonar.

    Did you make it so you can take one of the decks off for adding a motor?

    That’s what I would do.

    Hope you don’t mind Boyd, if I use your hard cover deck

    Keep the updates coming, and Thanks for sharing.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  3. Rox,

    I’m sure Boyd will be delighted to see pictures of your cockpit cover based on his design. That would be the best confirmation of its value! 🙂


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