3 thoughts on “Three Wavewalk S4, six divers, paddlers and anglers, and plenty of fish!”

  1. U R most welcome, Yoav,

    The S4s are so versatile for inshore and offshore applications.

    I can think of no better boat to establish a guide service almost anywhere there is water.

    And, the time spent on board can be credited toward sea time (360 four hr. or more days) for the 6 passenger USCG charter license application.

    Thank You for designing and making such an innovative vessel available at a reasonable price.

    Larry J.

  2. Larry,

    It’s interesting to see how you and your clients and friends use the W700 and S4 as canoes in the narrow mangrove tunnels, simply because kayak paddles would be too long for such a confined space.

    I wonder how your S4x3 multi-boat looks like with three outboard motors propelling it 😀


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