Ladder for Wavewalk S4 diving boat

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Florida Fishing Kayaks

I can walk up this DIY ladder with no one in the boat. The motor counterbalances the load. It works so well it is even spoiling me for getting on board regularly.

Remove the stainless hinge bolt and the ladder easily comes off. But, I am keeping it on because it provides enough weight in the bow (10 lbs. maybe) to eliminate the need for a tiller extension when running solo.


Wavewalk S4 with ladder for divers


Full view of S4 diving boat




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  1. fish

    Thanks Larry,

    Most ingenious indeed!
    I like your S4 diving boat concept. It looks good – practical and comfy.

    Time for some spear fishing? 🙂


  2. Chris Henderson

    That is awesome. That concept also has implications for safety. A rope ladder or something of that nature would allow a person to re-enter the boat in the event of finding themselves diving by accident. 🙂 It also means that a dog ladder will work well for the duck hunters and getting the retrievers back on the dog platform (I mean casting deck-lol) I like it!

  3. Bassman


    My docks are located in the heart of John Pennekamp Coral reef State Park. Spearfishing is unlawful. If caught with illegally speared fish, huge fines and confiscation of all equipment and boat are the usual result.

    That is why we have so many fish here. And, hook and line fishing is permitted with proper licenses.

    There are places miles to the north and south of us out of park protection. But, fish are not so abundant.

    I’d rather catch them from the boat. Spear fishermen are a favorite dinner entree for sharks.

    We are not at the very top of the food chain in the ocean.

    Larry J.

  4. fish

    Larry, I’m not a specialist in these things, but it looks like sharks are more dangerous than law enforcement officers 😮

  5. fish


    Since the S4 platform can accommodate a wide range of users ranging from babes and fly anglers to dogs, maybe we should simply call it “Platform” or “Front Deck”? 😀


  6. Bassman

    Chris and Yoav,

    For most of us, getting back into the S4 after taking a dip is as easy as going to either side of the “Forward Deck” grabbing into the support slots and pulling up and over the deck edge while giving hard thrust kicks.

    The small motor at the transom acts as a counterbalance and the “Forward Deck” dips almost to the water making re-entry easier.

    My wife was having difficulty making it over the rail based upon her own personal center of gravity which is all I will say about that.

    I enjoy my wife’s company as well as the other ladies who have joined me in our Wavewalk Adventures. Making them happy puts a smile on my face. 🙂

    And, dogs deserve special consideration, too.

    Larry J.

  7. fish


    Climbing up the slots in the forward deck is a great discovery.

    For those who find it hard to visualize how this works:
    When someone in the water grabs the front tip of the S4 or leans on its forward deck, the boat’s stern dips down, thus offering a slanted surface for that person to haul themselves out of the water and onto the deck with relative ease.
    Being able to grab these slots makes things even easier, as Larry described it.


  8. Bassman

    Well, actually,

    The stern tips up allowing one to pull up the slightly slanted surface of the forward deck which conveniently dips close to the surface of the water.

    However, I go a little to one side or the other of the bow tip rather than put the point into the middle of my center of gravity.

    Been there. Done that…

    Larry J.

  9. fish


  10. Boyd Smith

    Very ingenious Capt. Larry. As a fellow diver, I like it. Perhaps we shall meet some day. My daughter has a place in Key Largo.

  11. Bassman


    Thank You. Your daughter might want to check out and compare the whole Wavewalk fleet of boats (S4, W700, and W500) at 43 Garden Cove Drive in Key Largo. Of course, you are welcome, too!

    Key Largo is the most popular dive destination in the world. Soon, I hope to see this island become the favorite place for Wavewalk Adventures as well.

    Have a wonderful Wavewalk weekend.

    Larry J.

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