Wavewalk S4 on diving trip

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Florida Fishing Kayaks


Motorizing in the open sea and paddling in the no motor zone.





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  1. fish

    The best that nature and civilization can offer 🙂

    Thanks Larry,


  2. Bassman

    U R Welcome, Yoav,

    And, Thank You for designing and distributing such remarkably fun and practical vessels.

    Larry J.

  3. Jill Toler

    What a great video!

  4. fish


    Do you see yourself driving your W700 with a motor?
    Maybe not a 5 HP outboard, but say a small, lightweight electric motor?
    It could increase your range of travel considerably.


  5. PackerYaker

    Looks like you’ve got a real tough life down there, Larry!

  6. Bassman


    I’ve got a lot of work to do on my big boats but I am having too much fun with this little boat.

    We only have two seasons down here: fishing season and diving season.

    In addition to being a grand fishing machine, the S4 is a superior portable dive/snorkel boat. And, lobster season is right around the corner.

    This afternoon, I had two pretty women out with me. Both were able to slide back onto the forward platform easily after swimming. But, I am building a substantial S4 dive ladder for less athletic individuals.

    Another day. Another Wavewalk Adventure. Such a tough life…

    Larry J.

  7. Jill Toler

    I have been considering possibly using an electric trolling motor since those really light weight batteries are getting more affordable. I’m still thinking about it.

  8. Bassman


    A pair of U1 sealed lead acid batteries (Pirate Battery Brand) can be purchased from Amazon and delivered to your door for $138. Total, you have over 50 amps at 25 lbs. each.

    A Minnkota Endura C2 30 lb. thrust motor from the same source will show up for less than a hundred bucks.

    Why wait for the lithium prices to get lower? Summer is now. The fish are really hungry just beyond paddling range.

    Larry J.

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