DIY fiberglass twin-hull kayak from Russia

By Vadim Fofanov


This is my kayak. It is not painted. The kayak is made from fiberglass.
Dimensions are 3.65 m [12 ft] *0.9 m [35.5″] * 0.4 m.[15.7″]


  1. fish

    Thanks Vadim,

    Looks good – Comfortable and stable 🙂


  2. PackerYaker

    Hey Vadim………I’m wondering how much it weighs, and how easy it turns with those keels on the bottom of the hulls??

  3. fish


    Fiberglass is heavier than Polyethylene, and those keels may be there to improve sailing performance.


  4. Jill Toler

    I was wondering if it’s glass over wood or glassed within a mold.

  5. fish


    It looks like glass with a mold.
    Making a mold for cold molding isn’t that hard, if you use Styrofoam.


  6. PackerYaker

    Looks like it could use a paint job. I don’t think it would pass muster in the Wavewalk lineup. I’m a bit surprised you included it in your blog, Yoav.

  7. fish


    I like it when people create their DIY Wavewalk. Their work doesn’t always looks as good a boat made in the factory, but it’s still interesting to see.


  8. Boyd Smith

    As Oscar Wilde would put it “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

  9. fish

    Practically speaking, it’s impossible for Vadim and the majority of anglers in Russia to get an original Wavewalk, and since he wanted one, he built it with his own hands, and I applaud him for this.

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