First time paddling my Wavewalk 500 in Lake Margarita

By Karen Briefer-Gose


First time out, was perfect. All my goofy looking sun protection gear on (don’t care, I’m a melanoma survivor). Loved it! Plenty of room to carry stuff. Not tippy. And no having to extricate myself from it.

Kathi took this video of me 5 minutes into our first outing at Lake Margarita. Felt really comfortable. Headwind gave me a workout, but was fun. My Wavewalk is a zillion times more comfortable and roomy than Kathi’s little 10′ sit in kayak and didn’t mind getting caught in people’s wakes. This is the perfect kayak for me!!!!!


A few days before the trip

2 thoughts on “First time paddling my Wavewalk 500 in Lake Margarita”

  1. Awesome!

    Thank you very much, Karen.

    I remember telling you that you’d be paddling standing within five minutes from the moment you launch your Wavewalk 500 for the first time 🙂
    Once you get used to paddling your W500, you’d be going much faster. Just listen to what your paddle says, and try to forget everything you know about paddling sit-in kayaks…


  2. I agree with Yoav; awesome indeed. Also, I do like that white color for the kayak. Congratulations on your Wavewalk, Karen.

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