Wavewalk Series 4 review and testing, St. Augustine, Florida

By David Hernandez

St. Augustine Paddle Sports

We had a blast testing and videoing the S4 and can’t wait to get it on the water again. Gene, Will Niemann and I all took part in making the video. Will edited it and added the music. This past Sunday we had our monthly event called Honoring The Brave for Veteran’s and First Responders. I used the S4 with my wife and daughter to paddle the S4 down the Silver Springs river. I have attached some pics also of that event to this email.









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  1. fish

    Awesome video and pictures 🙂
    Great maneuvering, paddling and casting shots!

    One comment:
    The S4 is very lightweight (just 98 lbs) for what it offers. This is not much even in comparison to many fishing kayaks, and it’s very little compared to skiffs. Which is why a fisherman standing on the casting platform at the bow of the S4 causes its stern to come up, and its bow to go down.

    I weigh 214 lbs, and in the video where I’m seen standing on the S4 casting platform you can see the stern rising and the bow going down even with a 60 lbs 6 HP outboard motor mounted at the rear.

    All this is to say that in order to use the S4 skiff-style casting platform more effectively, people should either use their S4 as skiffs (namely motorized), or in tandem with a heavy paddler sitting at the rear, and preferably in a full skiff capacity, which is with both another crew member and a good size outboard motor.
    With both a motor and a fishing buddy at the rear, the S4 front casting platform will be perfectly level.


    PS – You can enter the S4 from the stern, without stepping water 🙂

  2. fish

    And here is a DIY solution for fishers who just want to paddle and fish alone, with neither a motor nor a fishing buddy, and still cast standing on the S4 platform:

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