Extension to Wavewalk S4 casting platform

The S4 is very lightweight (just 98 lbs) for what it offers.
This is not much even in comparison to many fishing kayaks, and it’s very little compared to skiffs. Which is why a fisherman standing on the casting platform at the bow of the S4 causes its stern to come up, and its bow to go down.

This is not that much of an issue for fishers who use their S4 as skiffs (namely motorized), or in tandem with a heavy paddler sitting at the rear, and in a full skiff capacity, namely with both another crew member and a good size outboard motor.
With both a motor and a fishing buddy at the rear, the S4 front casting platform is perfectly level.

For those who fish alone from their S4 without motorizing it, and prefer to cast standing on top of the front platform, here is a simple, easy, and lightweight solution –
Use 3/8″ plywood to extend the front casting platform backward, onto the front part of the cockpit.
This can be done while having the board rest on top of the saddle, or on top of the coaming (spray deflector), as seen in these images:


Option 1: Board on top of the saddle and under the coaming (spray deflector)


Option 2: Board on top of the saddle and the coaming (spray deflector)



An angler standing on top of such platform extension will be stable, and the platform level.


  1. PackerYaker

    Controlling your line while fly fishing on kayaks is a real challenge. The platform and extension should facilitate fly casting while also improving sight fishing. If not fastened down, it would be nice to be able to affix the extension on top of the platform when not in use.

  2. PackerYaker

    Hey Yoav………is there any chance that the platform extension made of the same material and color as the S4 (preferably the under the coaming one) could be provided as an option, for those who prefer sight fishing alone (or even to lay down and take a nap or sunbathe)? Looks like that would be pretty easy to accomplish, and provide added versatility to the craft.

  3. fish


    I’ve actually started thinking about it. I think it’s an idea that has merit both practically and aesthetically, namely to make the S4 look more like a powerboat (“sexy”).
    The problem is that after having invested $150,000 in capital tooling (molds) for the W700 and the S4 in the past two years, I feel a need to slow down a bit, and catch my breath.
    I’d like to approach the design of such an accessory with more experience in these things (anything is more than zero, in this case). I’d like to see a couple clients outfit their S4 with a DIY casting platform extension, and learn from what they have to say about it.
    The S4 is out there for people to start enjoying, and experimenting with, come up with all sorts of ideas and solutions, and share their experience with all of us. It’s an essential part of the ‘Design Spiral’.


  4. PackerYaker

    Right, Yoav……….for starters, I think the extension should be easy to insert and remove. When not in use, it would be nice to be able to store it on the platform, so the under the coaming shape might be more adaptable. You can think about it more while you’re on vacation paddling among the mangroves. Maybe Larry will have one ready for you to try out.

  5. fish


    Agreed about the need for ease of inserting and removing, as well as storage issues. There is also a problem of shipping it in the same box as the boat itself, since we don’t want it to protrude and require a bigger box for the S4. The cost of shipping an S4 is already very high.

    But the main question is whether there could be a real demand for such an extension, and this is something that only time can tell, or at least give us some clues.


  6. PackerYaker

    I would think that the extension could rest on top of the platform without extending over it, thereby, causing no shipping problem. Also, it may not be possible, but if you could design one that would fit both the S4 and 700, that would be cool.

  7. fish

    Sometime after the W700 came out, I tried paddling it from a stand up platform that I had installed on top of its saddle and cockpit . It was OK, but not amazing, and I didn’t see a major advantage in it as far as fishing goes.
    Being more of a skiff / boat, than the W700, the S4 has much more to offer as far as a stand-up / tanning platform is concerned 🙂

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