Seaworthiness: Driving the Wavewalk S4 in 3-5 ft waves

By Captain Larry Jarboe

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  1. fish

    Chasing waverunners 😀

    Thanks Larry,

    Awesome video!


  2. Pyt Rotary

    Definitely, S4 handles the chop well .
    Nice video.

  3. Bassman

    The guys in Waverunners did not look too enthused about having a kayak join their parade. They paid a lot of money for those things.

    I held back the throttle as there is a half day break in period for the new Tohatsu outboard engine. So, it will take awhile to post a true comparison of the 2 vs. 4 stroke Tohatsu 3.5 hp performance. But, the 3.5 still planes the boat at the lower RPM’s. The throttle control in the handle is almost a necessity when handling rough water.

    Also, there is enough width in the hulls for your feet to shift inside to operate the boat “side saddle”. The S4 is truly an ocean going portable boat at less than 1 percent of the price of a 40 foot Contender boat with four 300 horse Johnson outboards stacked horizontally across the stern.

    Who knew that being part of the one percent could be so affordable?

    Larry J.

  4. fish


    Well, this website’s home page’s header says “The Smart Fishing Kayaks, Portable Boats, and Car-Top Skiffs”, doesn’t it? 😀


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